Ends Here (Road to Nowhere) (Volume 2)

Author M Robinson ISBN-10 1545129754 ISBN-13 9781545129753 Year 2017-04-03 Pages 318 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here FROM USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR M ROBINSON Ashes to ashes Dust to dust And all that fucking shit I had killed I had sacrificed The innocent and the corrupt I knew blood and I knew violence Never imagining I could know love too Mia Ryder was a woman to love To cherish To fucking claim Now forever and every day in between If there was anyone Id go to Hell and back for it was her Even if it meant going to war with My fucking brother

Paleo Monday to Friday: A Diet So Good You Can Take the Weekend Off

Author Daniel Green ISBN-10 1909487449 ISBN-13 9781909487444 Year 2016-06-07 Pages 160 Language English Publisher Kyle Books Download Link Click Here Paleo Monday to Friday provides you with the perfect diet The book is full of delicious nutritious recipes using only the fruits veg meat seafood and nuts that our Paleolithic hunter gatherer ancestors thrived on when our species evolved Plus it s written by top chef Daniel Green and with dishes like Salmon Scallop Ceviche Seared Honey Glazed Pork and Kelftiko Greek Lamb there s no compromise on taste or flavour at all All you need to do is follow it for 5 days a week and even if you do relax the rules and give yourself the weekend off you won t sacrifice the weight loss you ve achieved Nutrient dense low carb high protein natural food is the key to losing weight and feeling fantastic and this book shows you just how easy and enjoyable it can be

Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and in Life One Conversation at a Time

Author Susan Scott ISBN-10 0425193373 ISBN-13 9780425193372 Year 2004-01-06 Pages 368 Language English Publisher Berkley Download Link Click Here Fully revised and updatedthe national bestselling guide that will help you achieve personal and professional success one conversation at a time The master teacher of positive change through powerful communication Susan Scott wants you to succeed To do that she explains you must transform everyday conversations at work and at home with effective ways to get your message acrossand get what you want In this guide which includes a workbook and The Seven Principles of Fierce Conversations Scott teaches you how to Overcome barriers to meaningful communication Expand and enrich relationships with colleagues friends and family Increase clarity and improve understanding Handle strong emotionson both sides of the table Connect with colleagues customers and family at a deep level Includes a Foreword by Ken Blanchard the bestselling co author ofThe One Minute Manager

The Auschwitz Escape

Author Joel C. Rosenberg ISBN-10 141433625X ISBN-13 9781414336251 Year 2014-10-01 Pages 480 Language English Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Download Link Click Here ECPA 2015 Christian Book Award Finalist 2014 finalist for the Goodreads Choice Awards Evil unchecked is the prelude to genocide As the Nazi war machine rolls across Europe young Jacob Weisz is forced to flee his beloved Germany and join an underground resistance group in Belgium But when a rescue operation goes horribly wrong Jacob finds himself trapped in a crowded cattle car headed to southern Poland Sentenced to hard labor in the Auschwitz labor camp Jacob forms an unlikely alliance with Jean Luc Leclerc a former assistant pastor who was imprisoned for helping Jews Theyve been chosen for one of the most daring and dangerous feats imaginableescape from Auschwitz With no regard for their own safety they must make it to the West and alert the Allies to the awful truth of what is happening in Poland before Fascism overtakes all of Europe The fate of millions hangs in the balance

A Lawyer Writes: A Practical Guide to Legal Analysis, Second Edition

Author Christine Coughlin ISBN-10 1611633974 ISBN-13 9781611633979 Year 2013-06-28 Pages 404 Language English Publisher Carolina Academic Press Download Link Click Here Like the very popular first edition this second edition puts the reader in the place of a first year attorney faced with real life assignments In doing so it teaches law students not only how to succeed in law school but also how to succeed in the practice of law Using graphics and visual samples the book shows best practices in both traditional and electronic environments Speaking to its readers in a straightforward manner A Lawyer Writes communicates essential skills and theories so that they will be retained for a lifetime of legal practice There are two significant changes in the second edition of A Lawyer Writes First two new chapters have been added Chapter 17 Client Letters and Chapter 19 The Transition from Objective to Persuasive Writing What was Chapter 17 Professional E mails will appear as Chapter 18 In addition section 8 3 Applying the Law Counter Analyses has been re organized but the content has remained the same All other updates to the book are smaller edits that fix errors create consistency or further clarify an…

Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to Over 250 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques

Author Darren Levine ISBN-10 1612435580 ISBN-13 9781612435589 Year 2016-06-14 Pages 384 Language English Publisher Ulysses Press Download Link Click Here Darren Levine has my unqualified support and gratitude for his contributions to Krav Maga Imi Lichtenfeld founder of Krav Maga THE TOP SELLING GUIDE TO KRAV MAGA IN AN UPDATED AND EXPANDED EDITION All the defense moves in Complete Krav Maga from beginner Yellow Belt to advancedBlack Belt are described in depth and illustrated with step by step photos BEGINNER Punches kicks knee strikes and defense movements INTERMEDIATE Counterattacks against knives guns and sticks ADVANCED Advanced strikes and ground fighting techniques Based on the principle that it is best to move from defense to attack as quickly as possible Complete Krav Maga teaches fast escape maneuvers combined with powerful counterattacks Whether you are big or small male or female young or old you can use Krav Maga to protect yourself by exploiting an assailant s vulnerabilities

Wolverine: Old Man Logan Vol. 2: Bordertown

Author Jeff Lemire ISBN-10 0785196218 ISBN-13 9780785196211 Year 2016-10-25 Pages 112 Language English Publisher Marvel Download Link Click Here Nine months of the year the desolate town of Killhorn Falls Canada is cut off from the rest of the world Cold and dark visitors are a rarity So when the time displaced Old Man Logan comes to town on a mission people take notice especially people who have a bone to pick with the former Wolverine With no way to escape can Logan protect the people of Killhorn Falls and save his own skin while safeguarding the only thing in the present that he hopes will survive to meet him in the future COLLECTING Old Man Logan 5 8 Uncanny X Men 205

Wills and Trusts Kit For Dummies

Author Aaron Larson ISBN-10 0470283718 ISBN-13 9780470283714 Year 2008-08-04 Pages 384 Language English Publisher For Dummies Download Link Click Here Navigate probate tax issues and state laws Create an estate plan and protect your family s interests Need a will but have no idea where to start This friendly guide shows youhow to prepare a legal will or trust either on your own or with professional help and ensure that your wishes are honored You ll handle everything from planning your bequests and writing and signing a will to selecting a trust and drafting your durable power of attorney Discover how to Provide for your children Hire and work with professionals Minimize tax liabilities Amend or revoke a will or trust Avoid common estate planning mistakes Note CD ROM DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file

Chill the F*ck Out: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book (Irreverent Book Series) (Volume 2)

Author Sasha O’Hara ISBN-10 1530103940 ISBN-13 9781530103942 Year 2016-03-22 Pages 68 Language English Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform Download Link Click Here From the creator of the 1 bestseller Calm the F ck Down comes Chill the F ck Out an Irreverent Adult Coloring Book The perfect way to tickle your snarky bone Let yourself or the one you love chill out de stress and unwind Blow off steam and express how you really feel with these humorous sassy and out of line coloring pages Color the things you cant say Always sassy often snarky Chill the F ck Out is ready for you to enjoy the shit out of it 28 new Single Sided images 2 color test pages Each single sided page ranges from moderate to detailed in complexity You choose what you want to color based on your mood A variety of beautiful designs such as people animals abstract and flowers are included These beautiful images include abstract designs animals and people each with its own subversive saying like It s been lovely but I have to scream now As If That s MS Bitch to you and more Contains Adult Language What others are saying about…

Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

Author Bobby Fischer ISBN-10 0553263153 ISBN-13 9780553130539 Year 1982-07-01 Pages 352 Language English Publisher Bantam Download Link Click Here This book is essentially a chess teaching machine The way a teaching machine works is It asks you a question If you give the right answer it goes on to the next question If you give the wrong answer it tells you why the answer is wrong and tells you to go back and try again This is called programmed learning The real authors were experts and authorities in the field of programmed learning Bobby Fischer lent his name to the project Stuart Margulies is a chess master and also a recognized authority on programmed learning He is a widely published author of more than 40 books all in the field of programmed learning especially in learning how to read For example one of his books is Critical reading for proficiency 1 introductory level Donn Mosenfelder is not a known or recognized chess player but he was the owner of the company that developed and designed this book He has written more than 25 books almost all on basic reading writing and math The definitive way to learn how to play…