Aromatheraphy for Natural Health

Aromatheraphy for Natural Health Author Judith White; Karen Downes
ISBN-10 1452502102
Release 2011-06-15
Pages 200
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Aromatherapy for Natural Health is an ideal and comprehensive source of reference for every home. Safe and effective remedies will assist in the relief and prevention of a number of common ailments, from acne and arthritis to varicose veins and warts. The easy to follow, alphabetical format identifies essential oils, methods of use, and ailments, and assists you in using the healing force of nature at home and in the workplace. Complementary natural therapies which work in harmony with aromatherapy are also included. Discover a wealth of optimum natural health options.

Aromatherapy for Natural Health

Aromatherapy for Natural Health Author Judith White (aromatherapist.)
ISBN-10 0947266305
Release 1997
Pages 208
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Aromatherapy for Natural Health has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Aromatherapy for Natural Health also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Aromatherapy for Natural Health book for free.

Essential Oils Essences

Essential Oils   Essences Author Shirley Whitton
ISBN-10 1850766320
Release 1995
Pages 80
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This is a beginner's guide to the practice of blending and applying essential oils and essences. There is a directory of 30 of the most commonly used oils, giving details such as where to find the plant, how to extract the oil and how to use it.

Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child

Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child Author Valerie Ann Worwood
ISBN-10 9781577313250
Release 2012-08-22
Pages 336
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Aromatherapy taps the healing potential of Earth's ancient medicines, the essential oils that give plants their scent. Powerful yet safe, aromatherapy is a sound way to treat everything from diaper rash to asthma to self-esteem troubles in children. Many complaints such as aches and coughs that might otherwise have to wait for a visit to the doctor can be addressed immediately at home using the healing power of nature.This book will appeal to every parent who thinks proactively about their children's long-term physical and mental health. Valerie Ann Worwood offers an array of scientifically proven remedies, along with complete charts of essential oils and instructions for aromatherapeutic massage. Other chapters describe how aromatherapy can benefit seriously ill children when used in conjunction with Western medicine.

Aromatherapy for Natural Living

Aromatherapy for Natural Living Author Anne Kennedy
ISBN-10 1623157498
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 454
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Steeped in thousands of years of history, aromatherapy treatment is scientifically proven to be both effective and safe. It is the preferred health-management method of many alternative medicine practitioners. Aromatherapy for Natural Living is your clear, comprehensive guide to harnessing the restorative properties of aromatherapy. Sooth, treat, and heal your body the way nature intended. A comprehensive guide, Aromatherapy for Natural Living demystifies the chemistry and uses of essential oil remedies, enabling you to apply their healing influences to improve body, beauty and home.Enjoy enhanced immunity and improved wellness with over 400 aromatherapy recipesExplore the origins and evolution of aromatherapy and essential oilsMaster the 50 most essential essential oils and apply them in your aromatherapy practiceFrom chemical compound to your cellular response, take a peek behind the scents and discover how each ingredient in aromatherapy actually works Boost your energy and reduce your stress. Nourish your skin and strengthen your immunity. Enhance your memory and relieve discomfort Aromatherapy for Natural Living is you re A-Z guide for all these things and everything in between."

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Author Valerie Ann Worwood
ISBN-10 9781608681921
Release 2012-08-23
Pages 448
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This encyclopedic book contains, in practical and easy-to-understand form, every conceivable use for essential oils and aromatherapy in everyday life. The author, a practicing aromatherapist for more than twenty years, unlocks the power of essential oils in more than 600 original recipes, most needing only a few essential oils. Unlike over-the-counter products, the recipes you make yourself contain no harmful preservatives. Most basic needs can be covered with just ten essential oils.

Vibrant Health Now

Vibrant Health Now Author Casey Conrad
ISBN-10 0978802438
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 228
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Educates readers on the dangers of environmental toxins, their effect on health and introduces them to the concept of cellular health and using essential oils in everyday life.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage Author Margie Hare
ISBN-10 1741216354
Release 2004
Pages 80
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Aromatherapy is a healing therapy based on the use of pure essential oils for physical and emotional health and wellbeing. These all-natural oils have a powerful therapeutic affect but can also relieve stress and anxiety, bring balance and harmony, delight the senses and lift the spirits. Essential oils, derived from the flowers, leaves and other parts of plants, are highly concentrated and it is important to understand when and how to use them. Aromtherapist Margie Hare explains how the oils are derived, how to blend and use them and which oils to use as natural remedies for many common ailments. Aromatherapy Massage is especially beneficial. It can be stimulating or relaxing depending on the oils used and the technique applied. Both the book and the DVD feature aromatherapist Margie Hare's excellent step-by-step guide to the art of massage with essential oils. The massage techniques are fully illustrated, practical and easy to follow. Book jacket.

Natural Healing with Aromatherapy Flash

Natural Healing with Aromatherapy  Flash Author Denise Whichello Brown
ISBN-10 9781444140972
Release 2011-03-25
Pages 96
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Natural Healing with Aromatherapy is a short, simple and to-the-point guide to learning the basic principles and practical techniques of aromatherapy and its oils. Whatever the aim - whether to overcome ailments, or just improve wellbeing - in just 96 pages readers will discover healing oils and beneficial massage techniques. Ideal for the busy, the time-pressured or the merely curious, Natural Healing with Aromatherapy is a quick, no-effort solution for those who want to reap the benefits of an ancient healing tradition.

Do It Yourself Natural Health Pocket Reference

Do It Yourself Natural Health Pocket Reference Author John Sherman
ISBN-10 0970941137
Release 2005-07-09
Pages 96
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The Pocket Reference is designed for quick reference to over 50 common ailments and conditions and designed to fit into pocket, purse, and travel bag. The three therapies are described on one page for each of the conditions and alphabetized for fast reference. Over 200 illustrations indicate all pressure points along with descrbed location on the body. Effective herbs and aromatherapy are also listed on the same page.


Aromatherapy Author Valerie Gennari Cooksley
ISBN-10 1941904009
Release 2015-05-04
Pages 552
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Aromatherapy: A Holistic Guide to Natural Healing with Essential Oils is a practical reference that features easy-to-follow 'recipes', close to 250 in all, plus instructions and helpful tips for the reader who wants to know how to use aromatherapy in the safest, simplest, and most straightforward manner in their home, while at work, and while travelling. Covering more than 100 common ailments, it is one of the most complete resource texts on the subject today and is utilized as a classic textbook in aromatherapy training courses in the United States. Written for those individuals interested in natural medicine: parents who want to practice only safe and natural care for their family, avid athletes who need relief from their aching muscles, the environmentally-conscious person who wants to avoid harmful chemicals, or the stressed out business executive who needs to unwind. Among the most remarkable benefits of essential oils are their positive effects on relieving contemporary stress, a major contributing factor in illness today. Aromatherapy has been around for centuries, but only in the last decade has it become recognized as a proven mainstream healing technique. And while current trends show that nearly half of the acute conditions in America are being treated without direct physician intervention, this resource is indispensable. Embraced by a growing desire to take charge of our own health and to be connected to what is real and natural, more and more people are turning to holistic self-care, and seeking simple, safe, and natural alternatives to achieve optimal wellness - which is the heart of this book. Holistic Nurse and best-selling author Valerie Cooksley has researched the healing benefits of essential oils, trained with leading physicians' worldwide, taught hundreds of students, including fellow nurses, and helped start numerous hospital-based aromatherapy programs across the U.S. From more than thirty years of professional practice, Ms. Cooksley shares real life cases and offers a holistic guide to utilizing and blending essential oils for maximum benefit keeping you and your family healthy. Aromatherapy is a hands-on guidebook to preventative self-care offering the reader a holistic education and the tools to practice this integrative therapy first hand, knowing that the body, mind and emotions do affect health. Supporting an intimate connection to nature while providing restorative and potent healing solutions is an integral part of this complete and practical guide -from bath blends and steam treatments to massage lotions and body scrubs; room sprays and diffuser synergies to teas and tonics - all natural, pleasurable to use, inexpensive, self-care practices that work. A few examples of the holistic remedies you will find inside... The ultimate flower-filled elixir for rejuvenating aging skin A cooling mint oil blend that eliminates tension headaches The warm bath soak that creates calm and reduces feelings of anxiety An aromatic natural formula that promotes restful sleep The uplifting herbal inhalation that eases depression Nature, in and of itself, has healing and restorative properties that contribute to wellness. Aromatherapy is connecting us to nature in a very intimate and natural way. Essential oils are as real and down-to-earth as the herbs in your kitchen pantry and the flowers growing in your garden and it is not necessary to have a graduate degree in biochemistry to use them correctly and to enjoy them. Aromatherapy has survived the ages and now is experiencing a reawakening for good reason. What better way to improve our health, appearance, and the environment around us, than through the benefits of essential oil therapy? We have come around full circle, from lab-created drugs and high-tech medicine to returning to our roots and embracing 'nature' medicine (once again) to experience health and wellness."


Aromatherapy Author Roberta Wilson
ISBN-10 9781101662625
Release 2002-06-03
Pages 368
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Aromatherapy, the centuries-old practice of using botanical scents and oils for physical and psychic benefit, reached its peak of popularity in the early 2000s. Roberta Wilson's essential resource for aromatherapy offers hundreds of healing recipes for compresses, baths, inhalants, air fresheners, and skin-care products specifically designed to assuage common disorders and complaints. Organized in a handy A-to-Z format, Aromatherapy is the most trusted sourcebook for this gentle healing art. First published in 1995, Wilson’s guide is here revised and expanded to cover a wider selection of essential oils, more health conditions, and more ways of incorporating aromatherapy into your life.

Do It Yourself Natural Health

Do It Yourself Natural Health Author John Sherman
ISBN-10 0970941129
Release 2005-07-01
Pages 240
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As an alternative to many prescription and over-the-counter medications, the book outlines basic information for self-treating over 60 common ailments and conditions with pressure point therapy, herbal therapy, and aromatherapy. Clear descriptions and illustrations make these therapies safe and easy to use at home, school, work, or when traveling.: This pocket-sized book is designed as a quick reference that alphabetizes over 50 common ailments and conditions for safe and easy self-treatment of pressure point therapy, herbal therapy, and aromatherapy. This companion book is designed to fit into pocket, purse, and travel bag.Both books are shrink-wrapped and sold at the suggested retail price of $24.95US.

The World of Aromatherapy

The World of Aromatherapy Author Jeanne Rose
ISBN-10 1883319498
Release 1996
Pages 350
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The voices in this collection are those of leading British and American women active in aromatherapy today. They write with verve about the growth of the distillery process and the essential oil industry, discuss such technical issues as whether synthetic or natural products are best, and describe how they use oils and blends in healing, skin care, and stress reduction.

Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty Hair and Skin Care

Aromatherapy Handbook for Beauty  Hair  and Skin Care Author Erich Keller
ISBN-10 089281831X
Release 1999-09-01
Pages 200
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Provides recipes for a variety of natural cosmetics and perfumes based on the use of essential oils

Veterinary Aromatherapy

Veterinary Aromatherapy Author Nelly Grosjean
ISBN-10 9781448117437
Release 2012-02-07
Pages 128
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In this simple, clear and precise book, written with Nelly's inimitable passion for her subject, everyone can discover the benefits of veterinary aromatherapy as well as invaluable advice on nutrition. The abundant good advice and sensible aromatherapy remedies provided in this book will allow you, from now on, to practice natural medicine, in accordance with the laws of nature, on all domestic animals, farm-reared animals, and animals in training or racing environments.

Essential Oils For Dogs

Essential Oils For Dogs Author Angela Pierce
ISBN-10 9781681858791
Release 2015-04-22
Pages 32
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You've probably already heard about essential oils. The pure, distilled, mega-factor of a plant's life. They're comprised of powerful chemicals that can aid and assist your body (or your dog's body) to perform to their fullest capacity. By utilizing this natural medicine, you can encourage both health and healing. In fact, most of our 'modern' medicines are derived from natural sources, and by getting straight to the point, you can not only cut costs (financially), but also cut down on negative side effects associated with our over-strong synthesized veterinary medications.