Awakening the Kind Heart

Awakening the Kind Heart Author Kathleen McDonald
ISBN-10 9780861719358
Release 2010-05-10
Pages 168
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Everyone appreciates kindness. A smile, a few friendly words, a show of concern when we're troubled or feeling unwell, an offer of help - gestures of kindness like these brighten our day and ease whatever sadness we may feel in our hearts. Feeling that "someone cares" fulfills a very deep need that we all have. And just as we appreciate other people being kind to us, others appreciate it when we are kind to them. That is why it is important to learn to be kind, because it will help make our relationships and interactions with others more satisfying and less problematic. But it's not always easy to be kind. Sometimes our hearts are filled with anger, jealousy, or pride, and being kind is the last thing we feel like doing. Or we get so caught up in our work and responsibilities that we find no time to think of others and their needs, no time to be kind and gentle. However, these problems can be remedied. The Buddhist tradition offers a wealth of methods that can be used to overcome whatever prevents us from being kind and gentle. Some of these methods are explored and explained in this book - in a way that will allow you to practice them in your daily life. Awakening the Kind Heart offers powerful and inviting meditation techniques to activate the heart of kindness within us all - a modern and motivating interpretation of traditional and powerful practices.

Awakening of the Heart

Awakening of the Heart Author Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN-10 9781937006112
Release 2012-01-17
Pages 544
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A comprehensive, single volume collection of the Buddha's key sutras, translated with contemporary commentary by a Zen Master and prolific author, is an essential complement to Happiness: Essential Mindfulness Practices, a collection of meditation and mindful practices. Original.

The Awakening Mind

The Awakening Mind Author Tashi Tsering
ISBN-10 9780861719051
Release 2008-08-05
Pages 192
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Bodhichitta, often translated as "great compassion," is the gem at the heart of Buddhism. From this altruistic desire to serve others, all other Buddhist practices naturally flow, therefore, this state of mind is one Buddhists should understand and cultivate. In The Awakening Mind, Geshe Tashi Tsering leads us through the two main methods to develop bodhichitta that have been developed by the great Indian and Tibetan Buddhists over the centuries: the seven points of cause and effect, and equalizing and exchanging the self with others. This is the fourth release from Geshe Tashi's Foundation of Buddhist Thought series, which individually and collectively represent an excellent introduction to Tibetan Buddhism. These unique and friendly books are based on the curriculum of a popular course of the same name, developed by Geshe Tashi himself. Geshe Tashi's presentations combine rigor and comprehensiveness with lucidity and accessibility, never divorced from the basic humanity and warmth of his personality. In Geshe Tashi, we encounter the new generation of Tibetan monk-scholars teaching in the West who are following in the footsteps of such revered and groundbreaking teachers as Geshe Wangyal and Geshe Sopa.

The Awakening of Mary Fenwick

The Awakening of Mary Fenwick Author Beatrice Whitby
ISBN-10 9781434465092
Release 2008-04-30
Pages 340
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A novel from the author of "Bequeathed." Published in facsimile from the 1900 Authorized Edition from D. Appleton and Company.

The Awakening of Helena Richie

The Awakening of Helena Richie Author
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The Awakening of Helena Richie has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Awakening of Helena Richie also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Awakening of Helena Richie book for free.

Awakening The Buddhist Heart

Awakening The Buddhist Heart Author Lama Surya Das
ISBN-10 9781407095738
Release 2010-07-31
Pages 320
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'Life is about relationships - the relationship we have with ourselves, with each other, with the world, as well as the connection to that which is beyond any of us. WHen our relationships are food, we feel good; when they are bad, we feel awful. Let's accept it:we need each other. We need to feel connected; we need to feel each other's presence and love.' With his first bestseller, Awakening the Buddha Within, Surya Das, the American-born lama, gave the Western world a primer for Tibetan Buddhism. Now, he continues to share this ancient wisdom as he shows us how to integrate all the experiences of our lives, both positive and negative, into our spiritual search. How happy we are with our relationships - with others, the world and ourselves - largely determines how joyous and fulfilled we will be. In Awakening the Biddhist Heart, Lama Surya Das shows us how to use our innate Spiritual Intellgence to build more loving and satisfying connections. As he helps us to increase our self-awareness and sensitivity towards others, making us better mates, parents, friends and members of society, Surya Das demonstrates how we can make our relationships more meaningful as he guides us through Buddhist practices that release negative emotions which enable us to learn from those we love, and those we don't.

The Awakening of the Heart

The Awakening of the Heart Author Jill Downs
ISBN-10 1886028427
Release 1999
Pages 295
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A great guide for all who desire to live with confidence. The simple, yet profound truths herein can enhance anyone's journey of the heart. Down's words reflect a compassionate and magical universe. Learn how to get back to basics by letting go. The message is calm, encouraging, strong and sure.

Awakening Kindness

Awakening Kindness Author Nawang Khechog
ISBN-10 1439164037
Release 2010-12-07
Pages 208
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In Nawang Khechog’s view, one of the wonders and marvels of being human is that we can choose to nurture and cultivate kindness, compassion, and love. These precious human values are the foundation of true happiness and are at the core of humanity’s possibility of peaceful coexistence with one another, with other species, and with our environment. Based on his eleven years as a monk, studying Buddhist philosophy and meditation with the Dalai Lama, as well as his own highly regarded workshops, Awakening Kindness details the many ways we can enrich our lives by simply being kind to each other and ourselves. Nawang includes a range of simple meditations, mantras, and practices that are easy to incorporate into even the busiest modern life. Filled with the philosophy of many cultures and religions, and touching on everything from human nature as it’s portrayed in film to scientific support of our limitless capacity for love, kindness, and compassion, Awakening Kindness takes the reader on a life-changing journey where we all can take part in creating a culture of kindness.


Resurrection Author Leo Tolstoy
ISBN-10 9781427018526
Release 2007-12-20
Pages 516
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The Awakening (The Resurrection), the last novel by Leo Tolstoy, was first published serially in the magazine Niva. The protagonist, an aristocrat, is suffering from a guilty conscience for a sin he committed in the past.

Awakening the Heart

Awakening the Heart Author John Welwood
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040482088
Release 1983
Pages 219
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Essays examine the combination of psychotherapy methods with meditation techniques in order to aid in the development of the relationship between the therapist and patient

Narrative of the Awakening

Narrative of the Awakening Author
ISBN-10 OXFORD:590118809
Release 1869
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Narrative of the Awakening has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Narrative of the Awakening also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Narrative of the Awakening book for free.

Awakening Hearts

Awakening Hearts Author Sandy Kay
ISBN-10 9781468554151
Release 2012-02-23
Pages 272
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Where had the time gone? For the past 25 years, Sarah Adam had divided her time between working long hours at the Everett Post Office in a rural area of Pennsylvania and raising her daughter alone. With her impending retirement and her daughter grown and heading out on her own, Sarah begins to wonder about what her own future may hold in store and whether or not she would be spending it alone. On one hand, Jack Bryant's life had been filled with heartache and turmoil. On the other hand, he had worked his way up the ladder in his Postal career in Vermont and was now offered a one-year term as the new Post Office Operations Manager in Pennsylvania. He was personally responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of every office in the county - a position that lands him in constant conflict with the tyrant of a Postmaster from the Everett office. Jack and Sarah meet at a local hardware store and begin a relationship that neither wants to admit makes them anything more than friends. When Jack finds out that not only do they both work for the Postal Service, but that he is actually in Sarah's chain of command, he begins a web of deceit that threatens their budding relationship. With all the problems at the Everett Post Office, how long will Jack be able to hide his true identity, and what will happen when Sarah finds out who he really is?


ISBN-10 9781304108388
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THE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OF THE HEART has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from THE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OF THE HEART also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full THE SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OF THE HEART book for free.

Awakening to Prayer

Awakening to Prayer Author Augustine Ichiro Okumura, OCD
ISBN-10 9781939272027
Release 2013-01-10
Pages 95
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This book is an introduction to prayer, drawing on Eastern and Western traditions. Translated from the original Japanese into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Spanish, Awakening to Prayer has already become a modern spiritual classic. In this simple yet profound book, Japanese Carmelite Augustine Ichiro Okumura explores the fundamental nature and root of prayer, the human and divine reality that underlies all praying. Drawing on the images, stories, and insights of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, the author considers prayer as conversation, as listening, as resting in the divine. In a long chapter on the "anthropology of prayer," he discusses the relationship between prayer times and other daily activities, the need for both repeated ritual and silence, the problem of distractions and deviations in prayer. The book culminates in a moving reflection on Christ's prayer and what it means to pray authentically as a Christian.

True Love

True Love Author Thich Nhat Hanh
ISBN-10 9781590309391
Release 2011-01-02
Pages 112
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First offers readers the technique of conscious breathing as a method for synchronizing the mind and body to establish the conditions of love, then explains a mantra practice for generating love that consists of four key statements or intentions in our relationships that will also heal our own pain, fear, and negativity.

Das Erwachen

Das Erwachen Author Kate Chopin
ISBN-10 3942374005
Release 2010
Pages 211
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Das Erwachen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Erwachen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Erwachen book for free.

Hearts Awakening Hearts Along the River Book 1

Hearts Awakening  Hearts Along the River Book  1 Author Delia Parr
ISBN-10 1441207600
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 352
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With no means to support herself, Ellie Kilmer agrees to work as a housekeeper for the young widower who lives on Dillon Island, hopeful she can obtain a proper reference. But Jackson Smith quickly realizes that Ellie's presence may solve his own problems--both the rearing of his young boys and the scandal that surrounds his first marriage. When a marriage of convenience is offered, Ellie is initially humiliated. Though she is past the age most women marry, she has more pride than to agree to his outlandish suggestion. Yet what options does she have? To marry would mean a home and stability. So despite the rumors circling Jackson and his first wife, Ellie accepts this unlikely proposal...