Canada Author Sally Garrington
ISBN-10 023752757X
Release 2005
Pages 61
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This fantastic new series provides the most up-to-date information possible using maps, diagrams, charts and specially commissioned photos to support up-to-the minute text. Meticulously researched, each book offers a fascinating insight into the life of the country, providing an ideal support for GCSE Geography studies as well as providing general information about the countries of the world. Canada is the second largest country in the world and has a wealth of natural resources. Its small but diverse population enjoys one of the world's highest standards of living. Canadian industry is largely based on the country's natural resources, though in recent years more modern industries have been established and Canada now leads the world in some fields of high technology.

Telecommunications in Canada

Telecommunications in Canada Author Robert E. Babe
ISBN-10 0802067387
Release 1990
Pages 363
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This study provides Canada's first comprehensive, integrated treatment of the emergence and development of key communication sectors: telegraph telephones, cable TV, broadcasting, communication satellites, and electronic publishing. By focusing on real institutions, actual (and frequently predatory) business practices, and law and regulatory policies, in both historical and contemporary perspectives, Babe helps demystify current communication issues. Stressing the flexibility of communication 'technologies' on the one hand, and the element of corporate power on the other, Babe reintroduces the principle of corporate/governmental responsibility for communication outcomes, a principle that has been largely drowned out by the shrill cries of 'Information Revolution.'

The Cinema of Canada

The Cinema of Canada Author Jerry White
ISBN-10 1904764606
Release 2006
Pages 268
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Often overlooked and overshadowed by its North American cousin, Canadian cinema has nevertheless produced some mesmerising films and directors, including Atom Egoyan, Robert Lepage and Denys Arcand. The Cinema of Canada contains 24 essays, each on a different film and divides itself into three distinct categories: English-Canadian cinema; Qu�bec cinema; Aboriginal cinema. In so doing, it provides a fascinating historical account of the development of film and documentary traditions across the diverse national and regional communities in Canada. Among the many important films discussed are Le D�clin de l'empire am�ricain (1988), I've Heard the Mermaids Singing (1988), Exotica (1994), Le Confessionale (1995) and Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2001).


Canada Author
ISBN-10 0864424094
Release 1997-01
Pages 970
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Describes the history, geography, and people of Canada, recommends hotels and restaurants, and surveys the attractions of each province

Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada

Encyclopedia of Literature in Canada Author William H. New
ISBN-10 0802007619
Release 2002
Pages 1347
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?This is a very impressive work of scholarship that will be invaluable to scholars, students and readers. I can?t imagine anyone seriously interested in this country?s literatures who will not want to own a copy.? - Sam Solecki, University of Toronto

Academic Freedom in Canada

Academic Freedom in Canada Author Michiel Horn
ISBN-10 0802007260
Release 1999
Pages 446
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Covering issues from the resistance in universities to Darwinist thought, to the experience of women and ethnic minorities, to ?economic? and ?political correctness, ? from 1860 to the present.

Profiles of Canada

Profiles of Canada Author Kenneth G. Pryke
ISBN-10 9781551302263
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 550
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This third edition of Profiles of Canada combines depth, breadth, sophistication, and readability to offer the student a comprehensive introduction to Canadian society. The editors have brought together contributions from a wide range of disciplines to create a fascinating overview of the various facets of Canadian life and culture. The text includes aspects of the Canadian experience not usually found in introductory texts. The inclusion of a short story by Alistair MacLeod, for example, is an innovative departure from the academic writing of the other chapters, and provides the student of Canadian society with a sample of the finest in contemporary Canadian writing. Editors Dr. Kenneth Pryke and Dr. Walter Soderlund have carried out a successful update of the earlier editions of this well-respected text. Aspects of Canada explored in this new edition include regionalism, the North, demography, ethnicity, culture, and sport.

Canada and Immigration

Canada and Immigration Author Freda Hawkins
ISBN-10 0773506330
Release 1988
Pages 476
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Canada and Immigration is a portrait of Canadian immigration since the end of the Second World War. It is an important record and analysis of immigration policies, laws, and methods of management during this period, as well as an account of the attitudes and beliefs of the politicians and officials who developed and managed this area of public policy. It is the first study to considers all aspects of Canadian immigration and pays as much attention to management and the problems facing immigration managers as it does to immigration policy and policy makers.


Journeys Author R. Douglas Francis
ISBN-10 9780176442446
Release 2009-01-28
Pages 641
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Journeys is a well-written, clearly organized, and richly illustrated text that covers not only Canadian political and economic history, but also social and cultural history in an integrative way. It tells the story of the Native Peoples as well as the coming of several European countries focusing on the English and French and the permanent European settlement that is now Canada. The text emphasizes regional developments and differences within an integrated national history. Journeys incorporates the latest research, and presents a balanced approach of political, economic, social and cultural history. Incorporated are historiographical debate boxes entitled "Where Historians Disagree", as well as individual and community portraits, time lines, introductory overviews at the beginning of each section, up-to-date bibliographies at the end of each chapter, plus references to relevant websites, and a comprehensive index.

City Politics Canada

City Politics  Canada Author James Lightbody
ISBN-10 9781551117539
Release 2006
Pages 576
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"City Politics, Canada will both irritate and please, but it should be read—it raises all the important questions about urban governance in Canada." - Caroline Andrew, Centre on Governance, University of Ottawa

Guide to the Cinema s of Canada

Guide to the Cinema s  of Canada Author Peter Rist
ISBN-10 0313299315
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 303
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Discusses the films and personalities of the Canadian cinema.

Freshwater Politics in Canada

Freshwater Politics in Canada Author Peter Clancy
ISBN-10 9781442609297
Release 2014-08-27
Pages 256
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Freshwater is in great supply across much of Canada. However, competing and changing demands on its use are leading to ever more complex political arrangements. This volume offers an integrated survey of that complexity, combining historical and contemporary cases in a conceptually-informed exploration of water politics. It offers a set of tools, frameworks, and applications that enable readers to recognize and explore the political dimensions of freshwater. The opening chapters introduce core concepts such as power, organized interests, knowledge systems, and the state. They are followed by chapters discussing freshwater subsectors including fisheries, irrigation, flood control, hydropower, and groundwater. A series of topical themes is addressed, including salmon conservation, Aboriginal water interests, hydraulic fracturing, regulatory revisions, and interjurisdictional management. A final section explores emerging trends in freshwater governance. While river catchments are not always the principal denominator in discussions of water politics, they do provide a primary frame of reference for this book. A watershed case study accompanies each chapter. This watershed grounding is intended to encourage readers to turn their attention to local and regional conditions.

Battlefields of Canada

Battlefields of Canada Author Mary Beacock Fryer
ISBN-10 9781459711174
Release 1986-09-01
Pages 280
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Battlefields of Canada encompasses nearly 300 years of history and features sixteen of the most significant Canadian battles as well as some of the most comic or bizarre. Profusely illustrated with sketches, photographs, and detailed maps, each chapter sets the context of the battle in terms of the struggle of which it was part, and then describes the hour-by-hour events. A brief conclusion to each chapter assesses the consequences for the victors and losers, assigning its place in Canadian history. A chronology provides a comprehensive list of every Canadian battle since the early 1600s.

Health Systems in Transition

Health Systems in Transition Author Gregory P. Marchildon
ISBN-10 9780802097217
Release 2013
Pages 184
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The health care system in Canada is much-discussed in the international sphere, but often overlooked when it comes to its highly decentralized administration and regulation. Health Systems in Transition: Canada provides an objective description and analysis of the public, private, and mixed components that make up health care in Canada today including the federal, provincial, intergovernmental and regional dynamics within the public system. Gregory P. Marchildon’s study offers a statistical and visual description of the many facets of Canadian health care financing, administration, and service delivery, along with relevant comparisons to five other countries’ systems. This second edition includes a major update on health data and institutions, a new appendix of federal laws concerning select provincial and territorial Medicare legislation, and, for the first time, a comprehensive and searchable index. It also provides a more complete assessment of the Canadian health system based on financial protection, efficiency, equity, user experience, quality of care, and health outcomes. Balancing careful assessment, summary, and illustration, Health Systems in Transition: Canada is a thorough and illuminating look at one of the nation's most complex public policies and associated institutions.

History of the Book in Canada 1840 1918

History of the Book in Canada  1840 1918 Author Patricia Fleming
ISBN-10 9780802080127
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 659
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This second of three volumes in theHistory of the Book in Canada demonstrates the same research and editorial standards established with Volume One by book history specialists from across the nation.

Northrop Frye on Canada

Northrop Frye on Canada Author Northrop Frye
ISBN-10 0802037100
Release 2003
Pages 741
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Brings together all of the writings of Northrop Frye, both published and unpublished, on the subject of Canadian literature and culture, from his early book reviews of the 1930s and 1940s through his cultural commentaries of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Shakespeare in Canada

Shakespeare in Canada Author Diana Brydon
ISBN-10 0802036554
Release 2002
Pages 490
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Is there a distinctly Canadian Shakespeare? What is the status and function of Shakespeare in various locations within the nation: at Stratford, on CBC radio, in regional and university theatres, in Canadian drama and popular culture? Shakespeare in Canada brings insights from a little explored but extensive archive to contemporary debates about the cultural uses of Shakespeare and what it means to be Canadian. Canada's long history of Shakespeare productions and reception, including adaptations, literary reworkings, and parodies, is analysed and contextualized within the four sections of the book. A timely addition to the growing field that studies the transnational reach of Shakespeare across cultures, this collection examines the political and cultural agendas invoked not only by Shakespeare's plays, but also by his very name. In part a historical and regional survey of Shakespeare in performance, adaptation, and criticism, this is the first work to engage Shakespeare with distinctly Canadian debates addressing nationalism, separatism, cultural appropriation, cultural nationalism, feminism, and postcolonialism.