Cheer the F ck Up

Cheer the F ck Up Author Caitlin Peterson
ISBN-10 9781250141736
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 64
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Color your way to a brighter f*cking day! When life gives you lemons, you can make lemonade (because that sh*t is delicious), or you can color your way through the pages of Cheer the F*ck Up. Whether you need a reminder that you’re the queen of f*cking everything, that your spirit animal is a majestic unicorn, or that you’re a boss-ass betch, you can flip through more than 60 hand-drawn, mouthy illustrations that are as sassy and divine as you are. Thanks to tear-away pages, go ahead and share your colorful works of happiness with friends, family, or unassuming strangers. With Cheer the F*ck Up, you can channel your disillusionment and penchant for profanity into creative works of gleefully sarcastic art. Grab your sparkly gel pens and make each of these hilarious designs glittery as f*ck.

Cheer the F ck Up

Cheer the F ck Up Author Sasha O'Hara
ISBN-10 1534602089
Release 2016-06-28
Pages 86
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From the creator of the Bestseller Calm the F*ck Down Did anyone ever tell you it's not good to brag? Well f*ck that! Give yourself a pat on the back. Own your own badass-ness. Tell the one you love how much you f*cking love them, with a little sugar and snark. This irreverently positive coloring book will not only help you relax and unwind, it will leave you with a sense of 'Hell Yeah!' after the world has tried to have its way with you. Cheer the F*ck Up is perfect for you if you like your self-help with a bit of sass, and your affirmations with a little piss and vinegar. It's an inappropriately awesome way to color and express the things you can't say. Enjoy 37 beautiful and fun to color illustrations, ranging from simple to detailed in complexity. Images include mermaids, fairies, animals and abstract designs. Sayings include "Do No Harm. Take No Shit," "Bite the Ass of Life," "Let's Get Weird," "Peace and Quiet. I like that shit.," "Don't Damage My Calm," and many more. For updates and free coloring page downloads visit

Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up Art Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up  Art Therapy for Anxiety and Depression Author Margaret MacLean
ISBN-10 9781365424519
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 92
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A graphic memoir about living with anxiety and depression and how art can be a therapeutic form of self-care.

Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up

Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up Author Margaret MacLean
ISBN-10 OCLC:952363993
Release 2016
Pages 74
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Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Calm the Fuck Down and Cheer the Fuck Up book for free.

Thin Skin

Thin Skin Author Emma Forrest
ISBN-10 9781408860229
Release 2014-10-19
Pages 224
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'My talents are: I knew what I wanted. I knew what I didn't want. I knew at a young age I have the added advantage of scrubbing up nicely when I feel like it, so I look like I have range, when really I just have good skin.' At fifteen Ruby left home, got herself an agent and became a film star. Now twenty, she lives alone, in a world of hotels and fast food. Destructive and charming, cutting is Ruby's hobby. Her hair, her arms and occasional tattoos - her newest accessory is a bloodline necklace. A seductive blend of heroine and whore, she has left the man who loves her, been fired by her agent, and is starring in a film opposite the delectable Aslan. It is quite possibly her last chance. Striking, funny and razor sharp, Thin Skin is a novel in which we see that sometimes you have to look over the edge in order to see your way back.

An Informal Boston Education

An Informal Boston Education Author Michael Connelly
ISBN-10 9780595868629
Release 2007-12-28
Pages 462
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CPA Kevin "Rocky" Collins needs his formidable sense of humor more than ever. He's still reeling from the sudden death of his charismatic but demanding and disappointed father, and his caustic wit and quirky Boston Irish personality have cost him his job. They've also sparked dangerous run-ins with a huge Mafia hit man and a biker strongman, and fostered a decided lack of way with women. Fortunately, Rocky's old friends from the neighborhood-a power-lifting bouncer, an alcoholic Vietnam vet and aspiring author, a struggling gym owner, a philandering salesman, a disappointed ex-professional baseball player, and one pain-in-the-butt, got-it-together business superstar-are as supportive as always as Rocky gains rejuvenation in the gym, on the ball field, and at the bar. But he finds his greatest comfort at a near-palatial summer house on Cape Cod, where there's a wild, summer-long party going on. To find his own happiness, Rocky knows that he needs maturity, empathy, and perspective. Throw in a new job and a good woman, and he'll be all set. But getting to that point might be the most difficult challenge of all. An Informal Boston Education humorously explores the Boston singles scene in the seventies, male bonding, the difficult relationship between fathers and sons, and life's endless trade-offs and transitions.


Metro Author Alasdair Duncan
ISBN-10 0702235539
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 299
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Dark, hedonistic and sometimes violent, Metro tells the story of six months in the life of university student Liam Kelly. When his girlfriend Sara leaves Australia to backpack around Europe, Liam's friends expect him to play up, and he does - but in a way that no-one could imagine. As well as the drinking, drugging and partying, he is hiding a secret homosexual life from his middle-class friends. With a deft, satirical touch, Duncan captures the wealthy, directionless Gen-Y tribe, living in a world where nobody says no and sexual preferences change as often as the latest hip drink.

Calm the F ck Down

Calm the F ck Down Author Sasha O'Hara
ISBN-10 1522864741
Release 2016-01-06
Pages 50
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This best selling adult coloring book is the perfect way to unwind and relax for those with a subversive and irreverent sense of humor. Color the things you can't say. 21 single sided adult coloring pages and 2 color test pages. Moderate to complex in detail. Images include: Beautiful abstract doodles, animals, people and fairies. Each has its own sassy quip like "Home is where the vodka is," "Suck it up buttercup" and "Dance like no one attractive is watching," and other humorous and subversive sayings. CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. Be sure to check out Sasha's new release Chill the F*ck Out too! http: //

Hot Poppies

Hot Poppies Author Reggie Nadelson
ISBN-10 9781409007593
Release 2010-08-30
Pages 368
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A murder in New York's diamond district; a dead Chinese girl with a photograph in her pocket; a plastic bag of irradiated heroin lying on the mantelpiece in an empty apartment; a fire in a sweatshop in the city's swarming Chinatown; the worst blizzard in New York history... These events conspire to bring ex-cop Artie Cohen out of retirement and back into an obsessive world of murder and politics that nearly killed him. Artie's struggles to link them take him from New York, his own back yard, to Hong Kong, site of the last big grab on earth, where everything, and everyone, is for sale...

Terms Conditions

Terms   Conditions Author Robert Glancy
ISBN-10 9781408852194
Release 2014-02-13
Pages 320
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Frank has been in a car accident*. The doctor tells him he lost his spleen, but Frank believes he has lost more. He is missing memories ? of the people around him, of the history they share and of how he came to be in the crash. All he remembers is that he is a lawyer who specialises in small print. But when Oscar, his brother, takes the family company into business with an inventively cruel corporation** and Alice, his wife, starts to seem oddly unlike the woman he remembers, Frank's world starts to unspool and the terms and conditions that he has lived his life by*** begin to change. *apparently quite a serious one **we can't tell you what it's called for legal reasons, but believe us, it's evil ***and which are rarely in his favour

The Gargoyle s Holiday Cheer

The Gargoyle s Holiday Cheer Author Charlie Richards
ISBN-10 9781487409456
Release 2016-12-16
Pages 107
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Into the Paranormal World: A little holiday magic can make the world a brighter place.

Calm the F ck Down Calendar Planner

Calm the F ck Down Calendar   Planner Author Sasha O'Hara
ISBN-10 1540684091
Release 2016-12-08
Pages 204
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Watch out world, now there's finally an irreverent adult calendar and planner with a snarktastic coloring page for every week of the year!It not only lets you color the things you can't say, you also get:* 52 Fan Favorite Coloring Pages * It's Flexible - Start ANY Time of the Year* 12 at a Glance Monthly Pages* 12 Monthly Planning Pages* 52 Weekly Calendar Pages* Pages to Create Lists for Any Occasion* 2 Bookmarks to Color and Cut OutWith a sampling of fan favorite coloring pages from all of Sasha O'Hara's coloring books, plus previously unreleased coloring pages., you're sure to have enjoy the f*ck out of coloring this book, as well as organizing your schedule to take over the world.CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN. To connect with Sasha, find her Irreverent Adult Coloring Books, get free coloring pages, and more visit:

As Thousands Cheer The Life Of Irving Berlin

As Thousands Cheer  The Life Of Irving Berlin Author
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As Thousands Cheer The Life Of Irving Berlin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from As Thousands Cheer The Life Of Irving Berlin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full As Thousands Cheer The Life Of Irving Berlin book for free.

When Jack Was with Us

When Jack Was with Us Author B. K. Holway
ISBN-10 9781434375087
Release 2009-05
Pages 656
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TWISTED SISTERS AND DUMB BROTHERS: A DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS OF THE FALL AND DESTRUCTION OF THE BLACK RACE AS WE ONCE KNEW IT. This particular analysis has in a small way tried to analyze what has happened to the great and proud black race as we once knew it. There are several crucial and critical questions which are deemed to be answered here. We now need to bring them to the forefront. SOME FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE DESTRUCTION OF THE BLACK RACE PROCESS This analysis has basically tried to provide some interesting insight into why the black race as we once knew it is on its way towards total destruction and annihilation HOW CAN BLACKS STOP ELIMINATE AND SLOW DOWN THIS PROCESS: The key to stopping the whole elimination the eradication of the proud black race as we once have known it; is to figure out what are we going to do to pull ourselves out by the bootstraps and get our economic development and moralist acts together in order that we survive instead of perishing together. A necessary and sufficient derivative for understanding this process will be for the black citizen to try to understand two unequivocal points of interests: 1. How To Learn To Respect Each Other 2. How To Learn To Work And Get Along Together There are no other theoretical concepts of life which makes it harder for blacks to learn more important than that we have to learn to give each other proper respect and the perpetuate the notion that in order for us to prosper that we must learn how to work together.

Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader

Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader Author Erika J. Kendrick
ISBN-10 9780307494573
Release 2009-03-12
Pages 304
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A savvy young music exec for Rockstar Records, Hannah Love has a glamorous apartment and a tight pack of equally fine friends. But luxury and loyalty can’t protect her from a broken heart, courtesy of her super-rich fiancé. To recover, Hannah accelerates her already high-octane life by pursuing a fantasy she’s had since childhood: to become an NBA cheerleader for the Chicago Diamonds. As she juggles promoting the hottest singer on the rise, dodges advances from Rockstar’s ultra-slick VP, and puts her body and her will to the test during cut-throat tryouts for a spot on the Diamond Dolls squad, she receives the full attention of the team’s star player, Max Knight. Though the Dolls are strictly forbidden to date players, the heat between Hannah and Max builds on the sidelines. But as catty cheerleaders plot against her, and her boss at the record company secretly negotiates a merger that could leave her jobless, Hannah discovers that it may take much more than the lust for a hot man to hold her steady. It may take his love. From the Trade Paperback edition.

I Want You to Shut the F ck Up

I Want You to Shut the F ck Up Author D.L. Hughley
ISBN-10 9780307986269
Release 2012-07-31
Pages 288
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“Let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth to see it like it is, and tell it like it is.” —Richard Nixon “I believe America is the solution to the world’s problems.” —Rush Limbaugh “SHUT THE F#CK UP.” —D. L. Hughley The American dream is in dire need of a wake-up call. A f*cked up society is like an addict: if you are in denial, then things are going to keep getting worse until you hit bottom. According to D. L. Hughley, that's the direction in which America is headed. In I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up, D.L. explains how we've become a nation of fat sissies playing Chicken Little, but in reverse: The sky is falling, but we're supposed to act like everything's fine. D.L. just points out the sobering facts: there is no standard of living by which we are the best. In terms of life expectancy, we're 36th--tied with Cuba; in terms of literacy, we're 20th--behind Kazakhstan. We sit here laughing at Borat, but the Kazakhs are sitting in their country reading. Things are bad now and they're only going to get worse. Unless, of course, you sit down, shut the f*ck up, and listen to what D. L. Hughley has to say. I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up is a slap to the political senses, a much needed ass-kicking of the American sense of entitlement. In these pages, D. L. Hughley calls it like he sees it, offering his hilarious yet insightful thoughts on: - Our supposedly post-racial society - The similarities between America the superpower and the drunk idiot at the bar - Why Bill Clinton is more a product of a black upbringing than Barack Obama - That apologizing is not the answer to controversy, especially when you meant what you said - Why civil rights leaders are largely to blame for black people not being represented on television - Why getting your ghetto pass revoked should be seen as a good thing, not something to be ashamed of - And how hard it is to be married to a black woman

Wake the F ck Up

Wake the F ck Up Author Brett Moran
ISBN-10 9781780288956
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 192
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Humorous and wise, gritty and real, Brett Moran is a spiritual gangsta and knows the score about transformation. In Wake the F*ck Up he shares the tools and techniques he's learnt on his journey so you can do the same. Whether you're looking to overhaul your health and energy, achieve your goals, or overcome negative behaviours and patterns, Wake the F*ck Up will show you how to tap into the natural highs of life move from lost to alive be successful and happy no matter what life throws at you create the life you want from the inside out Wake up to the power of meditation and mindfulness to help you overcome negative thoughts and feelings before creating a vision for what you want to achieve. Learn how to smash negative habits and re-engineer your energy through healthy lifestyle habits and creating a positive mind-set. Find more love, joy and happiness through simple gratitude practices and living more authentically, and use the simple and effective tools to help manifest positive change in all areas of your life. Real-life stories throughout will inspire you to think big and achieve even bigger while tough questions will help you overcome beliefs and conditioning that may have been keeping you caught in a life you didn't consciously choose and then help you stay on the right track. When you wake the f*ck up and start living the life you want, every day becomes an epic adventure.