Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Peter Clement
ISBN-10 9780345469700
Release 2003-08-26
Pages 384
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In the heat of a passionate encounter, ecstasy suddenly turns to terror for renowned geneticist and TV personality Dr. Kathleen Sullivan. Stricken by a brain hemorrhage, she is rendered completely paralyzed and speechless . . . but still utterly aware; a prisoner inside her own body. Kathleen is rushed to a Manhattan hospital, her chances of survival slim. Even if she pulls through, the likelihood that she’ll sustain permanent brain damage is near one hundred percent. But neither outcome can compare to the insidious fate in store for her masterminded by the very people entrusted with saving her life. As her lover, ER chief Richard Steele, watches and waits for a miracle, Kathleen becomes a pawn in a clandestine plot that runs deeper than medical politics–and reaches into the highest echelons of power at New York City Hospital. Placed in the hands, and at the mercy, of revered Chief of Neurosurgery Dr. Tony Hamlin, Kathleen descends into a waking nightmare. Powerless to resist the sinister experiments she is subjected to, and unable to cry out for help, she must fight desperately to communicate her tortured, trapped thoughts to Steele–before her tormentors can carry their bizarre and potentially lethal work to its completion. Ruthlessly determined to achieve their goals, the secret cabal of ambitious physicians will go to any length to avoid discovery, defy the law, and make medical history at all costs . . . even the human life they are sworn to preserve. For anyone who has ever had a mortal fear of hospitals, and the sense of powerlessness that often transpires within their cold, sterile corridors, Peter Clement’s Critical Condition will provide chilling new nightmares–along with infectious suspense. From the Hardcover edition.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Donald L. Barlett
ISBN-10 0385504551
Release 2004-10-05
Pages 304
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Exposing the most controversial, little-known practices of America’s most flawed system, Time magazine’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative team pulls back the curtain on the health care industry to explain exactly how things grew so out of control. Dirty examination and operating rooms in doctor’s offices and hospitals . . . Health care executives pulling in millions in bonuses for denying treatment to the sick . . . More than 100 million people with inadequate or no medical coverage . . . This may sound like the predicament of a third-world nation, but this is America’s health care reality today. The U.S. spends more on health care than any other nation, yet our benefits are shrinking and life expectancy is shorter here than in countries that spend significantly less per capita. Meanwhile, HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, and hospital chains reap tremendous profits, while politicians—beholden to insurers and drug companies—enact legislation for the benefit of the few rather than the many, while the entire system is on the verge of collapse. In CRITICAL CONDITION, award-winning investigative journalists Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele expose the horror of what health care in America has become. They profile patients and doctors trapped by the system and offer startling personal stories that illuminate what’s gone wrong. Doctors tell of being second-guessed and undermined by health care insurers; nurses recount chilling tales of hospital meltdowns; patients explain how they’ve been victimized by a system that is meant to care for them. Drug companies profit by selling pills in the same manner that Madison Avenue sells soap, while Wall Street rakes in billions by building up and then tearing down health care businesses. And politicians pass legislation perpetuating the injustices and out-right fraud the system encourages. By analyzing the industry and offering an insightful prescription for getting it back on the right track, CRITICAL CONDITION is an enormously compelling investigative work that addresses the concerns of every American.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Susan Gubar
ISBN-10 0231502583
Release 2000-03-07
Pages 256
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-- Publisher's Weekly

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Martha Stearn
ISBN-10 0451175859
Release 1993
Pages 363
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Dedicated doctors and passionate lovers Dale Harper and Nina Yablonsky are determined to uncover the explanation behind the deadly disease that is striking staff members and patients. Original.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Sandra Orchard
ISBN-10 9780373445110
Release 2012-10-02
Pages 224
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There's a murderer in the hospital, and nurse Tara Peterson is determined to prove it. With mysterious deaths in the cancer ward, anyone could be next. But no one wants to believe her...except undercover agent Zach Davis. The murderer wants Tara's suspicions silenced, permanently. To protect Tara, Zach lets her in on his secret, and unwittingly into his heart. Tara and her three-year-old daughter are like the family he lost years before. Zach will risk everything to keep them safe, no matter the cost.

In a critical condition

In a critical condition Author John Docker
ISBN-10 UOM:39015053252089
Release 1984
Pages 246
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In a critical condition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In a critical condition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In a critical condition book for free.

In critical condition

In critical condition Author Edward Moore Kennedy
ISBN-10 UOM:39015003220152
Release 1972
Pages 252
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In critical condition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In critical condition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In critical condition book for free.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Kevin Turnbaugh
ISBN-10 9781449715731
Release 2011-04-27
Pages 108
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Critical Condition tackles several issues in our country today for which the lack of using common sense has simply taken us down a road of bureaucratic nonsense, leaving fears of offending someone if our laws do not fit into the far lefter’s expectations and laws being circumvented by our courts today. From the trillion dollar health care bill to our ridiculous income tax laws to worrying about offending those who attacked the US on September 11, 2001, our country’s use of common sense is in Critical Condition. In the pages of this book you will find a fair hearing on each issue, as well as how common sense can and will make things better for all of us.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Richard Mabry
ISBN-10 9781401687410
Release 2014-04-22
Pages 336
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IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A QUIET DINNER PARTY WITH HER COLLEAGUES— NOT THE SCENE OF A MURDER. But the murder of a stranger on her front lawn is only the first in a string of events that have Dr. Shannon Frasier’s life teetering on the edge of chaos. She’s unable to make the deeper commitment her boyfriend deserves. Her sister shows up at her home needing a place to stay but with no promise she’ll remain sober. And her father is diagnosed with cancer. Then Shannon’s life stops teetering and plunges into the abyss. Because the person behind the guttural voice on the phone wants to know what the stranger said before he died. And he won’t stop until Shannon gives him the information he wants—even if she doesn’t have it. He’s coming for her. She’s not sure the police on the case can be trusted. And her only hope of escape—for herself and for those she loves—is to overcome her buried past.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Amy Scholder
ISBN-10 0872862852
Release 1993-11-01
Pages 185
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Domestic violence and women who kill: essays, performance monologues, art by Sapphire, Dorothy Allison, Wanda Coleman, Theory Girls, Carrie Mae Weems.

Critical Condition Escape to the Country

Critical Condition  Escape to the Country Author Nicki Edwards
ISBN-10 9781760302689
Release 2016-09-27
Pages 414
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Liam O'Connor wants a wife. Problem is, the type of woman he's looking for doesn't exist. After years working as a paramedic in Sydney and living the bachelor life, Liam has had enough. He's convinced himself, and everyone else, that he's moved home to Birrangulla for a slower pace of life, but what he's really looking for is the woman of his dreams. From the outside, emergency nurse Poppy McDonald lives a charmed life. Unfortunately, when she moved to the other side of the world to escape her family, all she did was swap one controlling environment for another. After Poppy's father dies, she returns to Australia to face her past. And her mother. But she has no intention of staying, and definitely not in Birrangulla. When Liam and Poppy meet, there's an instant spark. Liam knows Poppy is the one even though she's carrying more than her share of baggage. But can he gain her trust and get her to look beyond her past? Or will the man Poppy left in the US return and ruin everything? A sweet medical rural-romance for fans of Fiona McArthur, Melanie Milburne, Candace Calvert.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Ebony Stroman
ISBN-10 0974929867
Release 2011-07-20
Pages 290
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When life throws your back against the wall and truths become lies, what do you believe? When money, power, respect is all you want. Deception, disappointment and abuse is all you get. Freedom, control and blood is what you will learn to take. Enter the world of Sadé Campbell who stands tall even when the world is collapsing around her. She stays true to those whom she loves even when it hurts her to be. When the light becomes darkness laughter turns into cries and the condition is critical, hold Sadé's hand and walk with her and her great cast of supporting characters as we begin at the end of how it all got started.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author CJ Lyons
ISBN-10 9781101608364
Release 2013-05-21
Pages 238
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In the fourth Angels of Mercy novel, New York Times bestselling author CJ Lyons returns to an ER under attack as the lives of four very special women hang in the balance… With Pittsburgh snarled by a New Year’s Eve blizzard and Angels of Mercy Hospital cut off from the outside, staff and patients are at the mercy of armed gunmen. Their target is Dr. Gina Freeman, who is holding vigil over her wounded fiancé, Detective Jerry Boyle. Trapped inside with her are ER charge nurse Nora Halloran and fourth-year medical student Amanda Mason, on the last night of her rotation—if not her life. Stranded outside the hospital walls is ER physician Lydia Fiore, whose past holds the secret the hitmen are willing to kill for. With patients, staff, and loved ones held as hostages, the power out, and cold-blooded killers in control, no one may live to see the New Year… Critical Condition includes a teaser for the first Angels of Mercy novel, Lifelines.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Patrick Finn
ISBN-10 9781771121590
Release 2015-06-18
Pages 145
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Should we stop teaching critical thinking? Meant as a prompt to further discussion, Critical Condition questions the assumption that every student should be turned into a “critical thinker.” The book starts with the pre-Socratics and the impact that Socrates’ death had on his student Plato and traces the increasingly violent use of critical “attack” on a perceived opponent. From the Roman militarization of debate to the medieval Church’s use of defence as a means of forcing confession and submission, the early phases of critical thinking were bound up in a type of attack that Finn suggests does not best serve intellectual inquiry. Recent developments have seen critical thinking become an ideology rather than a critical practice, with levels of debate devolving to the point where most debate becomes ad hominem. Far from arguing that we abandon critical inquiry, the author suggests that we emphasize a more open, loving system of engagement that is not only less inherently violent but also more robust when dealing with vastly more complex networks of information. This book challenges long-held beliefs about the benefits of critical thinking, which is shown to be far too linear to deal with the twenty-first century world. Critical Condition is a call to action unlike any other.

Critical Condition

Critical Condition Author Eric Chivian
ISBN-10 0262531186
Release 1993
Pages 244
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A comprehensive, easy-to-follow review of this most critical and yet most neglected subject in the environmental debate.


Superman Author
ISBN-10 1840236183
Release 2003
Pages 183
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Superman has been hospitalized by a mystery illness and a team of S.T.A.R. Labs doctors, aided by some of Superman's closest friends, must race to save the Man of Steel before the unthinkable happens.

The Critical Condition of the Country

The Critical Condition of the Country Author Winslow Warren
ISBN-10 1113261943
Release 2009-07
Pages 20
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This is a pre-1923 historical reproduction that was curated for quality. Quality assurance was conducted on each of these books in an attempt to remove books with imperfections introduced by the digitization process. Though we have made best efforts - the books may have occasional errors that do not impede the reading experience. We believe this work is culturally important and have elected to bring the book back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide.