Dog Boy

Dog Boy Author Eva Hornung
ISBN-10 9781408816943
Release 2010-09-06
Pages 304
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Four-year-old Romochka is left alone in a dark, empty Moscow apartment. After a few days, hunger drives him outside, where he sees a large, yellow dog loping past and follows her to her lair on the outskirts of the city. During the seasons that follow, Romochka changes from a boy into something far wilder. He learns to see in the dark, attack enemies with tooth and claw, and understand the strict pack code. But when he begins to hunt in the city, the world of human beings, it is only a matter of time before the authorities take an interest...

A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy

A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy Author Wesley J. Smith
ISBN-10 9781594036156
Release 2012-07-17
Pages 336
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Over the past thirty years, as Wesley J. Smith details in his latest book, the concept of animal rights has been seeping into the very bone marrow of Western culture. One reason for this development is that the term “animal rights” is so often used very loosely, to mean simply being nicer to animals. But although animal rights groups do sometimes focus their activism on promoting animal welfare, the larger movement they represent is actually advancing a radical belief system. For some activists, the animal rights ideology amounts to a quasi religion, one whose central doctrine declares a moral equivalency between the value of animal lives and the value of human lives. Animal rights ideologues embrace their beliefs with a fervor that is remarkably intense and sustained, to the point that many dedicate their entire lives to “speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Some believe their cause to be so righteous that it entitles them to cross the line from legitimate advocacy to vandalism and harassment, or even terrorism against medical researchers, the fur and food industries, and others they accuse of abusing animals. All people who love animals and recognize their intrinsic worth can agree with Wesley J. Smith that human beings owe animals respect, kindness, and humane care. But Smith argues eloquently that our obligation to humanity matters more, and that granting “rights” to animals would inevitably diminish human dignity. In making this case with reason and passion, A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy strikes a major blow against a radically antihuman dogma.

The Dog Boy

The Dog Boy Author Noel Anenberg
ISBN-10 0989568415
Release 2014-01-14
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Historical Novel

Bayou Boy and the Wolf Dog

Bayou Boy and the Wolf Dog Author George Harmon Smith
ISBN-10 9780595138814
Release 2000-06-01
Pages 152
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One night after Wolf Boy deafeats an English Stafforshire, he escapes, then travels over a 400 miles, and finally reaches Willa Webber’s family just as they are moving to New Orleans. The moving van wrecks and Willa’s German Shepherd puppy is rescued by Old Howler, an old gray wolf, with aching dugs, because she has lost her pups to hunters. Old Howler takes the pup to her den in the swamp, nurses it, then makes kills for it, and trains him in wolf ways. Heart-broken, Willa comes to the swamp with her father and Aunt Maggy and begs Jean to look for her puppy. Jean , impressed by the girl, keeps his word, but it takes him a long time to find the animal. Old Howler, though cunning, is old, and no match for the younger male wolf and his mate. Finally, the two gray wolfs surprise Old Howler, and Wolf Boy arrives too late to save her. Jean discovers the dog and uses fresh meat to entice him to come home. Jean captures Wolf Boy in the smokehouse. People come from afar to see the wolf-dog. Brush Lockwood, a dog fighting thug, steals Wolf Boy, takes him far away, and fights him in several states. Wolf Boy is undefeated. But he hates his masterhome—Jean’s home. Willa comes up from New Orleans, but decides to leave Wolf Boy with Jean.

A Soldier A Dog A Boy

A Soldier  A Dog  A Boy Author Libby Hathorn
ISBN-10 9780734416384
Release 2016-03-22
Pages 32
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elected as a CBCA (Children's Book Council of Australia) Notable Picture Book of the Year 2017 From award-winning Australian author Libby Hathorn and acclaimed illustrator Phil Lesnie, an exquisitely illustrated and deeply moving story of the Somme. A moving story, told completely in dialogue, about a young Australian soldier in the battle of the Somme. Walking through the fields away from the front, he finds what he thinks is a stray dog, and decides to adopt it as a mascot for his company. Then he meets Jacques, the homeless orphan boy who owns the dog. The soldier realises that Jacques needs the dog more - and perhaps needs his help as well. With stunning illustrations from Phil Lesnie, this is a deeply moving celebration of friendship in times of war. A Soldier, A Dog And A Boy was inspired by Libby Hathorn's months of research on her uncle, who survived Gallipoli but went on to fight at the Battle of the Somme and was killed there in 1917 at just twenty years old.

Dog boy cap skate

Dog boy cap skate Author Nicki Weiss
ISBN-10 0688082750
Release 1989-09
Pages 32
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A boy ice skates while dog watches.

A Boy a Ball and a Dog

A Boy  a Ball  and a Dog Author Gianna Marino
ISBN-10 9781626728271
Release 2016-06-21
Pages 40
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There was never a ball the boy wouldn't throw. Luckily, there was never a ball that his dog couldn't catch. When a new kind of ball (a balloon) floats into the picture, both boy and dog try to find a way to play with it, and they become separated. Will they find their way back to each other and finish their game?

Rascal A Dog and His Boy

Rascal  A Dog and His Boy Author Ken Wells
ISBN-10 9780375896453
Release 2010-09-28
Pages 208
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Rascal may be the happiest beagle ever to live. He used to live on Voclain’s Farm, with its whole jambalaya of dogs, but now he lives with his very own boy, Meely. Together they explore the Louisiana bayou, bunny chasin’, coon and squirrel huntin’, and crawfishin’. But when Meely gets stuck on a rotting bridge deep in the bayou, it’s up to Rascal—with a little help from his old friends at the farm—to save his boy from danger. In the spirit of Huckleberry Finn, Rascal is a classic coming-of-age story, but from a dog’s perspective. With unforgettable characters, heart-stopping action, and charming black-and-white line drawings that capture it all, this zesty gumbo of a book is one to savor long after it is finished. From the Hardcover edition.

Red and Rover

Red and Rover Author Brian Basset
ISBN-10 9780740786174
Release 2012-11-06
Pages 128
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Red and Rover is about every boy who loves a dog, and every dog who loves a boy. First there was Bogey and Bacall, then Butch and Sundance. Now Red and Rover have taken center stage as the most captivating twosome around. Ten-year-old Red and his faithful canine companion, Rover, forged their fellowship in a gentler time, when friends were forever and loyalty was unquestioned. Red and Rover have an endearing partnership that brings them - and the strip's lucky readers - a measure of pure delight. Created by Brian Basset (whose [email protected] strip has been syndicated since 1984) Red and Rover appeals to countless fans who appreciate its focus on friendship. Red's 17-year-old brother, Martin, plays the foil, while Red's parents, Carol and Charlie, attempt to keep everything running smoothly. It's an ideal cast of characters. This Red and Rover book wraps up this extraordinary friendship between boy and dog in an ideal package for everyone who appreciates the sweetness of a simpler time.

Gray Boy Renegade Dog on Loose

Gray Boy Renegade Dog on Loose Author Jim Arnosky
ISBN-10 0816718202
Release 1989-11-01
Pages 96
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Despite his attachment to the young boy who raised him from a puppy, Gray Boy gives in to his natural instincts and goes back to the wild.

Kobe the Dog Boy

Kobe  the Dog Boy Author Alice Cypress
ISBN-10 0978739426
Release 2014-06-16
Pages 40
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Born and raised in the United States, Amefika Geuka travels to Africa, specifically Ghana and Egypt for the first time. What he discovers is shocking, enlightening, disappointing and inspiring. Whether you have been to Africa, planning a trip or simply want to know more about the birthplace of humanity, this is the book to read.

Cat Boy vs The Fatal Game Glitch

Cat Boy vs The Fatal Game Glitch Author Michael Morgan
ISBN-10 9781453588116
Release 2010-10-06
Pages 121
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Arizona's favorite superhero, 13-year old Cat-Boy, finds himself in the unusual position of having to fight the dangerous Queen Jonester, the video-game character that escaped from his beloved Game-Cat. All of Team Cat must do battle with her digital army, which is seemingly indestructible. Will Cat-Boy be able to defeat the evil Queen Jonester before it's too late? And just whose side is Cat-Boy really on? A very delightful tale, set in Arizona, Michael Morgan has created believable, lovable characters, such as Janetic, Professor Nutt, Leopard Girl, Magma Man, and Wiggles. It is worth noting that one of the most important characters, 'General Joe', was based on America's most popular lawman, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Indeed, Sheriff Arpaio has been quoted as saying, "It is my delight that Michael Morgan based the character General Joe on me, and I am very impressed by his writing talent and publishing ambitions. Keep up the good work!" Cat-Boy vs. The Fatal Game Glitch is fast paced and action packed from the first page to the last. Cat-Boy and company are sure to take their place among the classics in American literature.

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog

The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog Author Bruce D. Perry
ISBN-10 9780465094462
Release 2017-08-29
Pages 448
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Child psychiatrist Bruce Perry has treated children faced with unimaginable horror: genocide survivors, witnesses, children raised in closets and cages, and victims of family violence. Here he tells their stories of trauma and transformation.

Candin Book 1 a Dog and His Boy

Candin  Book 1 a Dog and His Boy Author Donn Sierra
ISBN-10 9781612044538
Release 2011-10
Pages 212
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Young Candin unwittingly steps onto the wrong side of a generations-old family feud, befriending his nemesis, an unscrupulous Wilder, bent on revenge.

One Dog and His Boy

One Dog and His Boy Author Eva Ibbotson
ISBN-10 9781407131603
Release 2011-07-07
Pages 288
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All Hal ever wanted was a dog - but a dog would damage the expensive carpets in his parents' glamorous home, and they refuse to consider one. That's until they discover Easy Pets, a dog-rental agency. Fleck the terrier arrives on Hal's birthday, and Hal is overjoyed. But when Hal discovers to his horror that his dog is to be returned, he runs away... along with a bunch of pedigree hounds, all joyfully escaping from Easy Pets! Soon Hal and his dogs - including Otto the wise St Bernard, and the fierce and excitable Pekinese Li-Chee - are being chased across the country by ruthless pursuers. Helped by a travelling circus and some orphanage children, can they race to freedom? Written in the timeless tradition of 101 Dalmations, this is a tail-wagging grand adventure that every dog-lover will adore. Praise for Eva Ibbotson: "Readers of classic children's fiction will be familiar with the bliss that steals over one when a new Eva Ibbotson novel is published." Amanda Craig, The Times "Eva Ibbotson weaves a magic like no other. Once enchanted, always enchanted." Michael Morpurgo "This kind of fun will never fail to delight." Philip Pullman

Stand Up for Autism

Stand Up for Autism Author Georgina Derbyshire
ISBN-10 0857002856
Release 2010-05-15
Pages 144
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When we tell someone that our child is autistic, the most common response is a sad face and an apologetic look. I hate it when people say "I'm sorry to hear that". Parenting a child on the autistic spectrum can be tough at the best of times, but few books take the time to celebrate the love and laughter an autistic child can elicit in their parents and those around them. In this warm, honest and laugh-out-loud tale of bringing up Bobby, now ten, Georgina Derbyshire shares and rejoices in his 'slightly different' childhood. As she outlines momentous events in Bobby's life, from the day he decided he was a dog (continuing life as a canine for a year afterwards), to the time he catapulted an innocent shopper into a mountain of strawberries, Georgina repeatedly challenges the perception of autism as an affliction, maintaining that neurotypical people often make far less sense. Through her light-hearted and hilarious storytelling, she reveals how social codes and psychological games make the neurotypical world a very confusing place to live in, more so than ever if you happen to be a young boy with a passion for rocks, tape measures and trains. This book is a must for anybody involved in the upbringing of an autistic child, whether they are in search of a little comfort, companionship, light relief - or all three.

RUDY The Dog that Wanted to Be a Boy

 RUDY   The Dog that Wanted to Be a Boy Author
ISBN-10 9781434943804
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RUDY The Dog that Wanted to Be a Boy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from RUDY The Dog that Wanted to Be a Boy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full RUDY The Dog that Wanted to Be a Boy book for free.