Eye See It

Eye See It Author Cris Silvestri
ISBN-10 9780545099394
Release 2010
Pages 23
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Ash and his friends travel to find pokâemon they can capture, train, and use in battles, in a text where young readers can search for the objects shown at the bottom of each page.

Eye See It

Eye See It Author Sierra Harimann
ISBN-10 9780545131650
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 24
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Can you find Wubbzy's kickity-kick ball? Fans will love searching the busy illustrations and discovering tons of hidden pictures around Wuzzleburg in this brand-new format for Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Eye See You

Eye See You Author Deborah Balmuth
ISBN-10 9781580178488
Release 2006
Pages 64
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Contains posters of animals that have unusual eyes, each with the animal's name and eating habits along with other "fun facts" about them printed on the back.

Eye See It

Eye See It Author Sam Wolff
ISBN-10 9780545062350
Release 2009-03-01
Pages 24
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Young readers can study the illustrations to find hidden objects and pets, as a "search and find" book heads to the park, the beach, a carnival, and a fireworks show.

I Eye See

I  Eye  See Author Carol Phillip-Tudor
ISBN-10 9781434996916
Release 2010-02-01
Pages 440
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I Eye See has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from I Eye See also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full I Eye See book for free.

Eye See

Eye See Author Pearson Education
ISBN-10 0433065435
Release 2002-05-24
Pages 32
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Navigator is a KS2 reading scheme which covers fiction and non-fiction. It provides material to give pupils a 20-minute guided reading sesson per week during each school year.

Eye See Me

Eye See Me Author Carlton Enoch
ISBN-10 9780595139361
Release 2000-10-01
Pages 108
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“Eye See Me”— is about the life and times of a Man who suffers from his episodes of life’s ups and downs. From almost being murdered at age 3, molested at age 12 and in prison at age 16. Divorced, 5 kids. His work history consisted of owning the 10th largest minority contracting business in New York to being a Bounty Hunter for the FBI and US Marshals, even a professional thief, “Eye See Me” is the first of a five book saga. Written in a synopsis style as an introduction to four books to come.


EYE SEE UNITY Author Angela Butler
ISBN-10 9781462048687
Release 2011-09-20
Pages 88
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Eye See Unity encompasses an array of powerful poems and motifs. The photographs featured in this book are taken at the Botanical Gardens. The author incorporates these photos bringing fourth her vision of how delicate and beautiful women are in comparison with her poetic work of art. The inspirational illustrations bare Angela’s dream of empowering women nationwide. Her ultimate goal is to bring about positivity and unity amongst women from all walks of life. Eye See Unity campaign has put a positive spin on a popularly used term that is expressed when referring to women. In society today the term B***H is not only commonly used, but is accepted in most avenues. Angela has created positive messages with her H to the B logo empowering women to view and celebrate their finer qualities in an optimistic way. The campaign will encourage women of all races, ages, class and sizes to be mindful of how we express ourselves because words are very powerful and we as women never want to give the wrong impression. “We are phenomenal, courageous, and beautiful.” These are essential words to live by self-respect, self-love, self-worth, and self-esteem. Own them. Embrace them. Exude them! This is the vision of the Eye C Unity Project Angela Butler founder.

What Did Eye See

What Did Eye See Author Charles G. P. Kramer
ISBN-10 9781524662615
Release 2016-08-22
Pages 170
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George O’Rourke had witnessed something but had no idea what he had seen. All he knew was that someone was trying to kill him for it. He and his wife were at risk, and after the second attempt on both their lives, they went into hiding. George and some of his old colleagues who had served with him in the UK Special Forces had to quickly work together. There was an underlying threat that had the potential to cause untold damage to Great Britain’s ability to host exhibitions, such as the one where some of the most precious diamonds in the world were due to be exhibited. There was also credible intelligence suggesting that an attack on London was being planned by an unknown group. It took painstaking work to realize that both events were linked to one man—Afolabi Okorie. Although George had never met Okorie, George and his friend Stuart had been kidnapped some years earlier by an arms-smuggling group that was funded by Okorie. George and his colleagues found themselves in a race against time to prevent a catastrophe in London that could cost many lives and Britain’s credibility abroad.

Navigator Non Fiction Year 4 Eye See

Navigator Non Fiction Year 4  Eye See Author Pearson Education
ISBN-10 9780433065463
Release 2002-04-26
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Navigator is a KS2 reading scheme which covers fiction and non-fiction. It provides material to give pupils a 20-minute guided reading sesson per week during each school year.

Eye See My Alphabet

  Eye   See My Alphabet Author Jon L. Steinberg
ISBN-10 9781479711376
Release 2012-10-08
Pages 58
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In honor of families who take the time each day to read to the youngest members of the clan, "Eye" See My Alphabet has been crafted to visually stimulate children as their family helps them to master their A-B-C's. Jon has taken three years to complete a series of twenty-six original drawings of animals whose names begin with letters from A to Z. The images are part of the "Eye See You" Series of prints available through Steinberg Art Studio. Each drawing pictures an exotic creature realistically portrayed in a close up view of their eyes with the intention to move the toddler to want to see more.

The Way Eye See It

The Way Eye See It Author Lonette Rivera (Biloune)
ISBN-10 9781493157242
Release 2014-01-03
Pages 122
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I have sat and wrote poems off and on for many years. But I never realized it would become more to me, then writing them as a joke and making it rhyme, like when I was younger. It has now developed into something I love to do, And (a second chance at life as a cancer survivor). As I sit and write it on paper, the words just start to rhyme in my head. It’s like almost everything that happens I sit to write a poem out of it. So more than likely there will be a second book, hopefully. I hope everyone enjoys the poems. People have told Me, this would make a good coffee table book. And it made them think about things in their life. It sure did me!!! I thank each and every one of you for your time.

Cyclops Tells All

Cyclops Tells All Author Nancy Loewen
ISBN-10 9781479521807
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 32
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"Introduces the concept of point of view through the Cyclops Polyphemus' retelling of the classic Greek myth 'Odysseus'"--

The Book of Sun Chaser

The Book of Sun Chaser Author Johnathan Levy
ISBN-10 9781465341099
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 322
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Profoundly simplistic, The Book of Sun Chaser: Life As Eye See It, is a collection of divinely appointed life inspired wisdom, insight, and knowledge transcribed with an intention and purpose to motivate, encourage, challenge, question, inspire, illuminate, and help. As Johnathan mentions in this book, all that he has ever gone through, experienced, learned, been privy to, etc, he shares in the most genuine and sincere hope that it can help another. LoveRespectHeal

Open Your Mind

Open Your Mind Author Jamar Johnson
ISBN-10 9781477125281
Release 2012-08
Pages 96
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This is Poetry at its best! “Same blood, same flesh and same chemical composition. We breathe, we eat, we think and we feel. Our only difference is… PRECEPTION!!! The way in which we view people, places and things based on what we know and how we feel and/or have felt. The glass can be half full and/or half empty.” Growth and development comes in stages: as children, we see in black in white; as young adults, we see in black, white and grey; and as Men & Women, we see the never ending various shades of colors. “The more I learn, the less I realized I know.” Over the years I found that it seems everyone would like things to go their way. So it started to make sense why my plans didn’t always work out! That’s about the time I learned: to role with the punches in life; to make the best of everything; to always breathe easy; and what I feel is most important… was the ability to lose small. My book is a lot of deep thoughts, self reflection, over years of studies. I don’t believe that emotions should have the right to override intellect. The mind controls the body, so I think and I dare you to think also. The choices we make are based on what we want and/or feel we need to. Your choices are yours and they may or may not affect my life, but consequences come with all choices… choose wisely. Just know that you chose… conscious or not. Email me at … [email protected] Open Your Mind “See As Eye See” is also on facebook. Feel free to let me know what you think.

As Eye See the World

As Eye See the World Author Sean L. Brereton
ISBN-10 9781450298384
Release 2011-03-23
Pages 160
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Brooklyn native Sean L. Brereton delivers an intense and heartfelt work of verse in "As Eye See the World. " Drawing on experiences of his past, facts of his present, and dreams of his future, Brereton composes poems with themes of religious devotion and romantic love that truly capture the emotions of the human condition. His view of the world centers on putting God first and everything else as second, giving his work a deep sincerity. Brereton's style is heavily influenced by song lyrics and rap, a style most notable in poems such as "You and I" and "You!"-verses deal with the heartache and uncertainty of relationships-as well as in the social commentary poem, "Bars." In addition, Brereton's flair for vivid imagery is displayed in "Trinidadian Rain Forest," with its beautiful descriptions of a tropical paradise and in "If Angels Could Dream," a touching love poem. Brereton's unique voice gives this collection strength and power. Let yourself be inspired and encouraged with "As Eye See the World."

As My Eyes See

As My Eyes See Author Dianna Merle
ISBN-10 9781452077963
Release 2010-11
Pages 232
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All these poems were written over a 30 year period. My life then had a lot of physical and emotional pain I dealt with daily. I struggled trying to find myself so as to raise my two girls with a positive outlook on life. I wrote a lot of poems for therapy for myself to raise my spirits and increase my strength to go on. I wanted my children to have a better life than I seemed to be living and yet I wanted them to fight if they didn't have the best so it could be better. I wanted them to be positive, to laugh and be happy even when things seemed the worst. I know from the way they have grown into lovely women they are strong, positive and happy. I learned I must have done something right within all my mistakes I had made with decisions and men in my life. I think you will find this book very inspirational, helpful in ways and maybe a little bit humorous.