Finding Enlightenment

Finding Enlightenment Author J. Gordon Melton
ISBN-10 1451687850
Release 2012-02-20
Pages 200
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In Finding Enlightenment, J. Gordon Melton, a respected scholar of traditional modern religions, chronicles the life of JZ Knight, her extraordinary experiences as the channel for the ancient warrior teacher Ramtha, and the school whose teachings are based on the ancient wisdom of Gnosticism. Located in Yelm, Washington, this esoteric mystery school was founded by Knight in 1988. Melton presents the Gnostic teachings of Ramtha and shows how the inner path of wisdom and knowledge is accessible to students today.

Quest for Illumination

Quest for Illumination Author Mara Fonseca
ISBN-10 0595409059
Release 2006-11
Pages 416
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"Drawing from hundreds of inspirational quotes, life observations, and true stories, Quest for illumination is a beacon on our quest for a life filled with spiritual meaning"--p. 3 of cover.

Touching Enlightenment

Touching Enlightenment Author Reginald A. Ray
ISBN-10 9781442963474
Release 2009-02-18
Pages 472
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Touching Enlightenment has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Touching Enlightenment also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Touching Enlightenment book for free.


Friarshall Author Michael Mcquaid
ISBN-10 154301836X
Release 2017-02-17
Pages 678
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Every person in the world would like to know their future. Although this seems to be an impossible task until we study any life backwards. We then begin to realize that everyone's life finally all fits together like a big mathematical jigsaw puzzle. There is an exact science to why things happen in anybody's life and it all comes down to one thing. Whatever we have done in our past will predict our future by equal measure. Because the world we live in, revolves in perfect balance and always will be, has a bearing on humans. This means that a person's life is always in perfect balance and always will be. Going by this science means we can analyze a life from start to finish. The one thing that always appears is this; They always receive what they gave out in life in equal measure.

Everyday Enlightenment

Everyday Enlightenment Author Gyalwang Drukpa
ISBN-10 9781101577851
Release 2012-03-15
Pages 208
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An engaging and practical guide to finding hapiness today, written by one of the most influential Buddhist leaders in the world. “I love the modern world; we have so many opportunities to be generous and inspire each other,” writes His Holi­ness the Gyalwang Drukpa in Everyday Enlightenment. And in this simple, powerful book based on ancient Bud­dhist teachings but framed to be relevant in today’s world, the Drukpa outlines ways for all to find that generosity and inspiration in themselves. As head of the thousand-year-old Drukpa Order, the Drukpa uses Buddhist practices to aid people who feel lost or uncertain, or who want to slow the pace of life and attend to the world around them more thoughtfully. He divides the book into sections including “The Un­common Path,” “Walking Your Path,” and “Overcom­ing Obstacles Along Your Way,” and delineates ways in which readers can absorb into their lives Buddhist teach­ings that will allow them to choose to live more fully. Clear and accessible, optimistic and profound, Everyday Enlightenment is essential reading for all those who want to improve their life by following a different, more meaning­ful life path.

Roadmap to Enlightenment

Roadmap to Enlightenment Author Minh Vo
ISBN-10 0981525806
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 249
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Your path to spiritual awakening is specific, unique, and individual to you. "Roadmap to Enlightenment" clearly explains the progression of your physical to spiritual consciousness along the way to awakening and connecting to your spirit. By providing you a literal map of consciousness as you travel along the path of obtaining enlightenment, this enables you to easily recognize where you currently are and understand what is ahead of you. You are then able to understand the purpose of your life experiences, Ego, how you attract lessons, people, karma, and most importantly why you must master these things in order to learn and grow.

The American Enlightenment 1750 1820

The American Enlightenment  1750 1820 Author Robert A. Ferguson
ISBN-10 0674023226
Release 1994
Pages 220
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This concise literary history of the American Enlightenment captures the varied and conflicting voices of religious and political conviction in the decades when the new nation was formed. Ferguson's trenchant interpretation yields new understanding of this pivotal period for American culture.

How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain

How Enlightenment Changes Your Brain Author Andrew Newberg MD
ISBN-10 9781781807132
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 288
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In this original and groundbreaking book, Dr Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldmanturn their attention to the pinnacle of the human experience: enlightenment. Through his brain-scan studies on Brazilian psychic mediums, Sufi mystics, Buddhist meditators, Franciscan nuns, Pentecostals, and participants in secular spirituality rituals, Newberg has found the specific neurological mechanisms responsible for an enlightenment experience - and how we can activate those circuits in our own brains.

In his survey of more than one thousand people who have experienced enlightenment, Newberg has also discovered that in the aftermath they have had profound, positive life changes. Enlightenment offers us the possibility to become permanently less stress-prone, to break bad habits, to improve our collaboration and creativity skills, and to lead happier, more satisfying lives. Relaying the story of his own transformational experience as well as including the stories of others who try to describe an event that is truly indescribable, Newberg brings us a new paradigm for deep and lasting change.

The Road to Enlightenment

The Road to Enlightenment Author Yogmata Keiko Aikawa
ISBN-10 1568365489
Release 2014-07-01
Pages 237
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In The Road to Enlightenment, Yogmata Keiko Aikawa shares her own experiences and the wisdom she's gained from her 45-year study of yoga, meditation and healing arts. Her hope is that readers will find answers to their questions about how to live a true and happy life in the spirit of love and peace. Aikawa achieved Samadhi - 'the highest goal of life' - while training in the Himalayas with the legendary master Pilot Baba and his teacher, Hari Baba, in the 1980s.

Enlightenment Everyone

Enlightenment Everyone Author Robert James Bundschu
ISBN-10 0990975029
Release 2015-01-11
Pages 208
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ENLIGHTENMENT EVERYONE is a book and fellowship created for all those engaged in the pursuit of happiness, who wish to take it to the Next Level. It is for those who have tasted success in life, yet found it was not enough, and for those who have suffered - from a daily anxiety about what may come, to a past hurt that does not seem to heal, or even to a deeper terror. The 13 Steps of the Enlightenment Everyone program will lead you on a journey to the only place in the world that can bring you to an experience of true happiness and peace of mind: within. If you choose to take the leap, this journey is the most fun, joyful, and happy journey that anyone can take. You will be on a journey to learn the truth about yourself - a truth so glorious, so lovely and magnificent, that there really are no words to describe It. You are Divine, and you are eternal. The 13 Steps of Enlightenment Everyone is a way for you to prove it to yourself.

Touching Enlightenment

Touching Enlightenment Author Reginald A. Ray
ISBN-10 9781442963313
Release 2009-02-18
Pages 480
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What does it mean to ''meditate with the body''? Until you answer this question, explains Reggie Ray, meditation may be no more than ''a mental gymnastic'' - something you can practice for years without fruitful results. In Touching Enlightenment, the esteemed author of five books on Buddhist history and practice guides you back to the original practice of the Buddha: a systematic process that results in a profound awareness ''in your body rather than in your head.'' Combining the scholarship that has earned him international renown with original insights from nearly four decades practicing and teaching meditation, Reggie Ray invites you to explore: How to enter fully into communion with your embodied nature? The insights of Tibetan yoga, from guidance on breathing and working with discomfort to its challenge to modern practitioners on the path to realization....Why ''rejected'' experience becomes imprinted in the body-and how to receive it anew to ''reconstitute your human way of being''? Karma of cause and karma of result-taking full responsibility for your life....Your three bodies-the physical, the interpersonal, and the cosmic

The Quest for Truth On Finding the Grail

The Quest for Truth  On Finding the Grail Author
ISBN-10 9780955740114
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The Quest for Truth On Finding the Grail has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Quest for Truth On Finding the Grail also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Quest for Truth On Finding the Grail book for free.

Everyday Enlightenment

Everyday Enlightenment Author Gyalwang Drukpa
ISBN-10 1594486239
Release 2012
Pages 188
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"An engaging and accessible practical guide to finding happiness today, written by the leader of the second largest Buddhist sect in the world, the Gyalwang Drukpa"--Provided by publisher.

Confessions of an Ayahuasca Skeptic

Confessions of an Ayahuasca Skeptic Author D W Walker
ISBN-10 0987761528
Release 2014-06-05
Pages 256
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When I first arrived in Iquitos, Peru in July 2012 I did not know what day it was, but within hours of my arrival I had heard much about ayahuasca, an Amazonian jungle vine that, boiled with other jungle plants, causes hallucinations, what people referred to as "visions" that change people's lives, often, they said, for the better, if not for the Good. I was curious, but skeptical. What is this concoction of vines and leaves? What does it really do to the mind and body? Is it truly the miracle cure for the mostly spiritual ills of Modern man? I had to find out for myself, and I did so by looking into the history of the plants involved, the science of it all, the traditional and the modern religious aspects of the "ceremonies" one partakes in, the Ayahuasca Ceremonies conducted by a curandero, the medicine man who guides the ayahuasca user's journey into the unknown realm of plant spirits. I asked private people about ayahuasca, recording their accounts, noted accounts of professional writers before me, watched people under the influence of ayahuasca. I wanted to know about this experience from as many sources and from as many fields as I could find. My search for answers about ayahuasca led me to curanderos in the city of Iquitos, to curanderos in the surrounding jungles, and even into the aether itself. The more I discovered, the more skeptical I became about any genuine physical and especially psychic benefits to the individual taking this drug-- or medicine as the true believers call it. But really, I had to take it myself to know for sure. And take it I did, a number of times. This book, Confessions of an Ayahuasca Skeptic: A Journey to Enlightenment, takes the reader on a voyage of discovery into the alternate universe of Amazonian tribesmen who live in a realm of plant spirits, good and evil, and into the homes of medicine men and witch doctors to see how ayahuasca is central to their life experience and understanding of reality. One encounters in this book as well a wide variety of non-native ayahuasca proponents and detractors, all of whom add some useful stepping stone to the path to understanding the ayahuasca experience. Simple questions and bland assumptions reveal more complications than the average tourist just off the boat would have thought. Ayahuasca. I began as a skeptic.... Foreword by Peter Gorman, investigative journalist, expert on Amazonian curanderismo and author of "Ayahuasca in My Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming." This is what Gorman has to say about the book: "I will tell you that it's a damned good read... [D.W. Walker has] done his homework, been his own guinea pig, and written something pretty special."

The Postman s Tale

The Postman s Tale Author L. Monk
ISBN-10 9781452591254
Release 2014-01-31
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Author L.Monk, MSc., tackles the most complicated subject: Spiritual Enlightenment. Using her entire life’s search and understanding of compassion and empathy for all life forms, she has written a fictional novel in an easy-to-read format in order for readers of all ages to learn the secrets. The novel also includes modern, up-to-date scientific data on neuroscience, quantum physics, consciousness, and spirituality along with psychology and meditation techniques Archaeologists and cosmologists teaching us what the ancients knew about compassion and empathy You will find how the teaching of how our subconscious minds along with our human childhood traits affect our life and our future and how we can resolve these issues using our conscious minds.

Finding Peace

Finding Peace Author Koushiki Choudhury
ISBN-10 9788193315040
Release 2017-03-06
Pages 232
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This book explores the joyous, hope-filled and life-changing philosophies of Nichiren Buddhism and Rabindranath Tagore the practice of which empower us, transforming our sufferings, bringing forth our limitless potential and giving us the courage and confidence to overcome any adversity, and fulfill our dreams. In essence, the philosophies of Nichiren and Tagore enable us to find peace and happiness.

Destiny Finding Your Way Home

Destiny Finding Your Way Home Author D. Donovan
ISBN-10 9780578018447
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 260
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You can find your way home today! Inside the covers of these pages, you will find the path that can lead you there. At a Destiny Retreat, participants explore how they are creating their lives and by following them through this journey, you too will see that you are creating your destiny with every thought you are having, every emotion and every action you take. The message of this professional and spiritual work is that we are all connected as one with an ability to become integrated with our inner soul where our intentions become aligned with our higher purpose in life.