Found Author Bree Loewen
ISBN-10 9781680510768
Release 2017-05-01
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“Found is a deeply drawn memoir about volunteer mountain search and rescue. There are epics and gory injuries, yes, yet this story burns brightest when describing the motley volunteer community: individuals united by their will to abandon cozy beds at 2 a.m., risking real jobs and angry families, not to mention their lives." - Adventure Journal • Crazy hours, harsh environments, horrific accidents, no pay—highlights the astounding work of SAR volunteers • Stories to make you wince, reflect, and applaud • Author is a young, emerging voice and long overdue for more attention Bree Loewen’s first book, Pickets and Dead Men, was her account of the three seasons she spent as a climbing ranger on Mount Rainier, in Washington, beginning at the tender age of 21. Through her utterly honest and often gripping stories, she revealed her struggle to gain the respect of her male coworkers, her constant internal self-doubt, and a continual pondering of that never-ending question: Why am I here? Now in her mid-thirties, Loewen has become a wife, a mother, and a leader of Seattle Mountain Rescue (SMR), a volunteer-based search-and-rescue operation. She no longer struggles with the respect of co-workers (she has it in spades) nor crippling self-doubt (overcome after hundreds of rescues). But she does still ponder the question of why she continues to head into the backcountry, confronting danger, risk, and, often, death. SMR is involved in everything from high profile accidents to rescues that never even make the local news. And since the climbing and outdoor community in Seattle is so close knit, Loewen often finds herself involved in efforts to rescue friends and acquaintances. A distinct and fearless voice—quiet and thoughtful, yet laced with dark humor; utterly honest and disarming; clear and graceful—Loewen conveys the intensity of rescue and recovery situations as well as the beauty of wilderness landscapes in accessible, real, and convincing language. Found reveals a woman’s effort to help, nurture, and protect her daughter, her community, and her life.

Mountain Rescue Doctor

Mountain Rescue Doctor Author Christopher Van Tilburg
ISBN-10 1429929316
Release 2007-11-13
Pages 304
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"A fast-paced account of Mt. Hood. For readers who are unfamiliar with the rugged and beautiful Hood River area, [Van Tilburg] balances its undeniable perils with the joys of its scenic wonders . . ." --Publisher's Weekly "Van Tilburg's dogged spadework in translating to the page the intricate essentials of his unique trade makes each breathtaking rescue literally come to life. Exhilarating take on the daily life of a unique brand of doctor." --Kirkus "As a medical doctor, a previously published author (Backcountry Snowboarding; Introducing Your Kids to the Outdoors), and an adventure-sports devotee himself, Van Tilburg is uniquely qualified to describe the fears, excitement, frustration, and rewards of these searches. He examines the high costs of search-and-rescue operations and provides an interesting overview of the debate on whether victims should be held responsible for some of these costs. Young adults will likely enjoy this introduction to the field of wilderness medicine. Filled with adventure and good advice." --Library Journal "Outdoors folk in Oregon have long benefited from Dr. Chris Van Tilburg's skills as an emergency doctor and his selfless devotion to rescuing injured hikers and climbers as a volunteer for his local mountain rescue service. Now his other great skill--as a writer--has brought these exciting tales to the country at large. Chris captures the excitement of a rescue with the passion of a true mountaineer, and does so in highly readable prose." --John Harlin III, Editor of The American Alpine Journal and author of The Eiger Obsession, Mount Rainier and The Climber's Guide to North America Christopher Van Tilburg, MD is an emergency room physician, a ski patrol doctor, an emergency wilderness physician, and a member of the Hood River Crag Rats, the oldest mountain rescue team in the country. When Dr. Van Tilburg's beeper goes off, the call may take him racing up a mountain peak to rescue an injured hiker, scaling a rocky ledge to intubate a hiker who has fallen over a cliff, into a blizzard to search for missing skiers, or to a mountain airplane crash scene for body recovery. Dr. Van Tilburg's work requires a unique combination of emergency medicine, survival skills, agility, and extreme sports. In Mountain Rescue Doctor, Van Tilburg shares personal stories of harrowing and suspenseful rescues and recoveries, including the recent Mount Hood disaster, which claimed the lives of three climbers. We learn about the tools and techniques of emergency wilderness medicine, as well as the feats of human strength and delicacy required to treat patients under extreme conditions. And finally, we confront some of the ethical challenges a wilderness physician faces in making tough choices about who can be saved and at what cost. Mountain Rescue Doctor is an exhilarating tour through the perils of nature and medicine.

Mountain Travel Rescue

Mountain Travel   Rescue Author National Ski Patrol
ISBN-10 9781594857096
Release 2012-09-26
Pages 288
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CLICK HERE to download the chapter on "Backcountry Medicine" from Mountain Travel & Rescue (Provide us with a little information and we'll send your download directly to your inbox) Completely updated and expanded official rescue workbook of the National Ski Patrol, now available to other wilderness first responders and the general public * Authoritative and comprehensive mountain safety and rescue text -- your most valuable search and rescue equipment * Recommended for classroom and educational program adoption * All-new illustrations As a leading authority of on-mountain safety since 1938, the nonprofit National Ski Patrol has dedicated itself to serving the public and the outdoor recreation industry by providing education, and accreditation to emergency care and safety services providers. Their core mountain rescue educational workbook, Mountain Travel & Rescue (first published in 1995), was researched, written, and reviewed by volunteer members and experts from all over the country, and is designed to help ski patrollers train, rescue, and survive in mountain environments, at resorts, in the backcountry, and at any time of year. Mountain Travel & Rescue is a valuable piece of mountain rescue equipment. In addition to new illustrations, this edition offers significantly expanded lesson sections, a new backcountry medicine section, and more. Mountain Travel & Rescue: National Ski Patrol's Manual for Mountain Rescue is organized into four major sections: Survival, Travel, Backcountry Considerations, and Search and Rescue. It includes extensive appendixes, including medical equipment lists, a questionnaire, and a glossary and is a valuable tool for anyone who deals with search and rescue or is interested in mountain rescue basics.

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Author Hope White
ISBN-10 9781460337547
Release 2014-08-01
Pages 224
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SECRETS OF THE MOUNTAIN It took just one look in Quinn Donovan's eyes and Wilhelma "Billie" Bronson knew the search and rescue volunteer had saved her life. Again. But this time her fall down a mountain was no accident. It seemed her past had come back to haunt her, and trusting Quinn to protect her was the best way to stay alive. Before long, though, old feelings resurfaced, and being around him became more challenging than figuring out who wanted to hurt her. And why they'd stop at nothing to spoil any possible future with Quinn. Echo Mountain: Saving lives and finding love in the mountains of Washington State

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Author
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B629240
Release 1968
Pages 178
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Mountain Rescue has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mountain Rescue also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mountain Rescue book for free.

True Mountain Rescue Stories

True Mountain Rescue Stories Author Glenn Scherer
ISBN-10 0766035727
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 48
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"Read about five historic mountain rescues-from the Great Northern Railway Rescue to Beck Weathers on Mt. Everest"--Provided by publisher.

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Author Chris Oxlade
ISBN-10 9781406232158
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 32
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Each book in this series reveals the stories, people, and equipment behind the world's most dramatic rescues and police swoops. Photographs capture the drama and excitement of the rescue missions, while concluding chapters look at the essential skills required by the rescuers.

Climber s Guide to the Olympic Mountains

Climber s Guide to the Olympic Mountains Author Olympic Mountain Rescue (Society)
ISBN-10 0898861543
Release 1988
Pages 260
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Key to exploring these challenging peaks is this classic climber's guide to the Olympics. Here are detailed route descriptions for the hard basalt lava peaks of Constance and The Brothers, the high-angle faces of The Needles and Sawtooth Ridge, the hard sandstone and vast glaciers of Mt. Olympus, and hundreds of other mountains large and small. The text also provides general information on the mountains and all access routes, plus winter travel information, ski and snowshoe routes, and high alpine traverses.

Mission Mountain Rescue

Mission  Mountain Rescue Author Amy Andrews
ISBN-10 9781460358658
Release 2016-09-12
Pages 192
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Kidnapped for their devotion… Sergeant Richard Hollingsworth, dedicated army medic, has devoted his life to saving others. But now his medical skills have put his own life in danger—and that of his beloved Holly. Saved by their past… The island of Tanrami is the last place midwife Holly expected to see Richard again. She knows he doesn’t want to let her into his heart, but in order to escape their mountain captors they must submit to the bond they once shared. Their lives are on the line, and so are their hearts!

Call out

Call out Author Hamish MacInnes
ISBN-10 9781910240908
Release 2016-08-12
Pages 300
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Call-out is the definitive collection of tales about early mountain rescue in the Highlands of Scotland from Hamish MacInnes – Everest pioneer and arguably the most famous Scottish mountaineer of the twentieth century. In the late 1960s, MacInnes led the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team and together they developed innovative techniques and equipment in order to save lives – often risking their own in the process – whether night or day, and always at a moment’s notice. He was a central figure in the rescue during the 1963 New Year tragedy in the Cuillins on the Isle of Skye, and led groundbreaking rescues on Buichaille Etive Mor, Ben Nevis, Bidean nam Bian and many other legendary Scottish mountains. At the heart of the stories in Call-out are the unique characters in the team and wider Glencoe community who demonstrate faultless camaraderie, and – by virtue of MacInnes’s engaging storytelling – inject an almost comical slant into these sometimes-grim accounts of misadventure in the mountains. The dark allure of the frozen Scottish peaks provides a foreboding backdrop against which we learn of Hamish MacInnes’s concern for human life under even the most extreme conditions. Call-out offers an inspiring portrayal of responsible and dedicated mountaineering practice, which is as pertinent today as ever.

Rocky Mountain Rescue

Rocky Mountain Rescue Author Cindi Myers
ISBN-10 9781460327753
Release 2014-03-01
Pages 224
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The lines are blurred between duty and desire in ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESCUE by Cindi Myers Federal marshal Patrick Thompson almost lost one woman in his care. He won't lose another. As an officer for the Witness Security Program, it's his job to protect Stacy Giardino, the former daughter-in-law of an infamous crime boss. At first, Stacy is reluctant to trust the brawny cop—or to act on their intense mutual attraction. But when her toddler son is kidnapped, Patrick is the only person who can help her find him. As they work their way through the Rocky Mountains, trailed by killers, Patrick and Stacy grow closer, and the heat simmering between them ignites. But in an explosive showdown, Patrick will have only one chance to save the woman he can no longer live without.

Mountain Rescue Team

Mountain Rescue Team Author Jameson Anderson
ISBN-10 1410925153
Release 2006
Pages 32
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Describes the skills needed by a mountain rescue team and the equipment they use on their missions.

Guardians of the Peaks

Guardians of the Peaks Author Kathy Calvert
ISBN-10 189476580X
Release 2006
Pages 327
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Mountain rescue in western Canada developed through the Canadian Pacific Railway's use of Swiss guides to enhance the climbing experience in the early 1900s. These guides brought their knowledge of mountain rescue to the Canadian Rockies. As climbing gained in popularity with the emerging middle classes after the Second World War, tragic accidents became more common. Two accidents in 1954-55 (the deaths of a group of female climbers from Mexico on Mt Victoria and a group of Philadelphia schoolboys on Mt Temple) forced the government to develop a professional mountain rescue team through the Park Warden Service under the tutelage of Walter Perren (a Swiss guide and the father of mountain rescue in Canada). Perren essentially turned cowboys into competent rescue personnel, and the story takes off from there. Following five principal men through the first 50 years of mountain rescue in Canada, Guardians of the Peaks also looks at all aspects of the rescue experience. The story is enhanced by the rescue events themselves, which are solidly juxtaposed between the stories and the political, cultural and technical developments of the time. It is also the story of personal tragedy and the ability of individuals to cope with this stress-laced, demanding occupation.

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Author L.M. Somerton
ISBN-10 9781781842676
Release 2013-04-08
Pages 95
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Every man needs a hero to catch him when he falls, but does that still apply when he's falling in love? When Cal Somers loses his entire family to a drunk driver, he uproots his life and moves into the house he has inherited in the Lake District. When he falls—literally—into the arms of Ford Collister, the gorgeous but moody owner of a mountain equipment shop, Cal is confused and uncertain about his attraction. Will shy, submissive Cal find the courage to respond to Ford's dominant advances? As an emergency paramedic and member of the local mountain rescue team, Ford is used to taking command and dealing with every situation the hills can throw at him. Cal, however, is a whole new challenge, igniting feelings that Ford feared he would never experience again. Tragedy in his past makes him cautious and he moves slowly, the pain of history giving an edge to his growing feelings.When Cal's life is threatened, the fear of losing him brings all Ford's possessive tendencies to the surface and, though Cal resists, he secretly loves Ford's assertive behaviour. Only one thing is certain—when they finally take that leap of faith and overcome the tragedy of the past, sparks will fly!

Mountain Rescue

Mountain Rescue Author Rose McMills
ISBN-10 9781632329899
Release 2015-02-27
Pages 69
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In the third book in the "Mountain Girl" series by Rose McMills, Elizabeth is now eighteen and on her own. But a significant crises draws her back to the family farm to search for Uncle John who has mysteriously disappeared into the mountains. Elizabeth sets out on a journey into the deep woods to find her uncle, but before she gets too far away, she is joined by Billy and Velvet the beagle. A hungry bear, swarms of angry bees, parasitic ticks, an abandoned mine shaft, and despicable moonshiners all play a part in this quest to bring Uncle John home.

Mountain rescue techniques

Mountain rescue techniques Author Wastl Mariner
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3768221
Release 1963
Pages 200
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Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue

Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:315006999
Release 1964
Pages 60
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Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mountain Rescue and Cave Rescue book for free.