Essence of Love

Essence of Love Author Carol Louise Taylor
ISBN-10 9781467801928
Release 2006-09-12
Pages 236
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Hi , "I " am Carol LouiseTaylor, Author of Essence Of Love. I , Carol , wrote this book straight from my heart and soul, with as much Love as I could possibly think of for the buyer , reader.I am full of Love ,but I wanted to share my feelings with the world as perfectly as I could think of .This is my first publication, but I gave all here , and hope you Love it as much as I do. I am a woman who went through absolute terror as a child , my thoughts still full of the memories of my mothers murder and my abduction, but i grew strong from all he abuse , became a fighter , and survivor but also a winner . My reason for witing this book is because I believe in Passion, and lots of it .Passion for life , passion for Love , Passion for family , Passion for relationships budding , but also Passion for a reader that enjoys great artistic poetry. I hope what I have written will help make families stronger , relationships more passionate and Loving , to last and hold for a Lifetime , but to also make the reader believe , that Love is real , and reachable if you realy want to accept and believe,but open your heart and soul, and receive. I , Carol believe in forever Love in a relationship, and I want to help the readers of my book believe that it is true , that Love is real and alive , but sometimes , you have to work a little harder to succeed and thus , grow continually together , even after the children are grown and gone. I, Carol, have another book to follow soon called Whipers of Feathers , but it is a bit more emotional, touching down on the fact of child abuse , and victims of rape , and how to grow strong afterwards , with Love in your soul ,but also to make you a survivor , and winner in life . I was very abused as a child , and as a woman , and I came out strong , fighting my way , because I was an avid reder , loved school, and was determined to make a difference somehow in this world of hate , greed, and abuse. Love is my guiding light , and will always be , as I so believe that in your soul, you were born with all the right tools to become exactly what you want , and to become strong , and prosperous in Love and Life. I , Carol, sincerely pray , that you Love my book , Essence Of Love , as much as I loved writing it for the people of this great Country of America href="http:[email protected]">http:[email protected] , and countries abroud.I feel if you share Love , you receive Love , and a circle of life is complete. I , Carol, also dedicated this book to our men and women in uniform , fighting for the rights and freedom of the people , where ever it is needed , here, or abroud in other coutries .I wrote this in the hopes that it would help bring our men and women in uniform home safely. Thank you , all my readers , and I hope I am able to sign a million copies over the next couple of years , I dream of the day I will be there , with my readers , signing . Sincerely , with lots of Love , Carol Louise Taylor but better known as [email protected], God bless you all and bring Love to each that buys this book., and the next to come.

Feathers from Heaven

Feathers from Heaven Author Melinda Fabry
ISBN-10 9781467045452
Release 2009-09-03
Pages 160
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In 1964, at the age of six, Melinda suffered a fractured skull during a bicycle accident, where she had a near-death experience. She met her angels, but they sent her back to Earth, saying it wasn't her time. She knew then that life here ends, but continues on in a different realm. Decades later, she had a pact with her mother. They shared a special sign: a feather. If either of them died, they would send the other a feather, to show they made it to Heaven. When her mother died in 2003, her life was turned upside down, suddenly shattered into a million pieces. Her best friend was gone. But Melinda felt comforted every time she found an unexplainable feather she knew was sent by her mother. Melinda learned that death changes everything, but not always for the worse. From her mother's death, she grew closer to her father, a man she knew little about. Though her mother's death seemed unbearable, she and her siblings took care of their father, even as he began to slow down from old age. Her father languished in a hospital bed following a quadruple bypass surgery in 2006, lingering for months but never recovering. One day he told Melinda that her mother visits him when she and her siblings go home. He said she was mad they wouldn't let him go, wouldn't let him travel to Heaven. After that moment, Melinda and her siblings knew it was time. He died two days later. This book is a true story of loss, grieving, hope, healing, and the strong bond between family members. And with the passage of time, a broken heart does heal.

A Glimpse of Glory

A Glimpse of Glory Author Paul A. Lennon
ISBN-10 9781468511833
Release 2004-09-01
Pages 356
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Comedy and laughter come to the rescue of two teen-age boys in a background of 1942 Midwestern mediocrity. From the Depression into World War II, they feel ignored by working mothers and an indifferent, industrial Indianapolis. As buddies, they find laughter and hope while enduring the problems of puberty, the discovery of girls, learning life's lessons mostly from light-hearted movies, vaudeville, and the comedies of network radio. Their hilarious and naive efforts to become comedy stars thrust them into early manhood, from high school to show biz. Their story is humorous and touching, a roller coaster ride of experiences, giving the reader a rib-tickling glimpse of their hopes and dreams, struggles and setbacks, all in a warm tapestry of fun and good feelings.

Big Data Little Data No Data

Big Data  Little Data  No Data Author Christine L. Borgman
ISBN-10 9780262028561
Release 2015-01-02
Pages 416
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"Big Data" is on the covers of Science, Nature, the Economist, and Wired magazines, on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. But despite the media hyperbole, as Christine Borgman points out in this examination of data and scholarly research, having the right data is usually better than having more data; little data can be just as valuable as big data. In many cases, there are no data -- because relevant data don't exist, cannot be found, or are not available. Moreover, data sharing is difficult, incentives to do so are minimal, and data practices vary widely across disciplines.Borgman, an often-cited authority on scholarly communication, argues that data have no value or meaning in isolation; they exist within a knowledge infrastructure -- an ecology of people, practices, technologies, institutions, material objects, and relationships. After laying out the premises of her investigation -- six "provocations" meant to inspire discussion about the uses of data in scholarship -- Borgman offers case studies of data practices in the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, and then considers the implications of her findings for scholarly practice and research policy. To manage and exploit data over the long term, Borgman argues, requires massive investment in knowledge infrastructures; at stake is the future of scholarship.

Beginner s Crossword Puzzle Dictionary

Beginner s Crossword Puzzle Dictionary Author Marjorie R. Woolfolk
ISBN-10 1467817481
Release 2007-07-27
Pages 140
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This dictionary, in contrast to other crossword puzzle dictionaries, is for the most part a one word, one definition dictionary. Herein are found the words that one is most likely to encounter in solving crossword puzzles. These are also the words that many people are not familiar with. Unless one wants to own a very large dictionary there is no reason to pore over and carry around a large unwieldy book. Most of the words in an average puzzle can be solved without the use of any dictionary, it is the unfamiliar ones that give trouble. Here we have a small easily carried, easily handled booklet which, at the same time, contains the most often used but least familiar words that the puzzle solver will encounter. The author is pleased to present this little volume as a convenient much needed addition to the world of crossword puzzle fans…And especially to beginners.

Atlas of Mortality in Europe

Atlas of Mortality in Europe Author M. S. Burgher
ISBN-10 9789289013390
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 245
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The Atlas does more than give national averages for all the main causes of death in the WHO European Region; it gives data on regions within countries and shows changes in mortality at this level between 1980/1981 and 1990/1991. Finally, it literally draws pictures of health in Europe, presenting the data collected in vivid and informative maps and bar charts. By showing differences in mortality from various causes in the European Region, the Atlas also indicates areas in which more study is needed to determine both the reasons for these differences and the most appropriate action to reduce them.

Toxicological Profile for Selenium Update

Toxicological Profile for Selenium  Update Author John Risher
ISBN-10 9781437930764
Release 2011-05
Pages 437
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Selenium (SE) and its compounds are used in photographic devices, gun gluing, plastics, paints, anti-dandruff shampoos, vitamin and mineral supp., fungicides, and glass. It is also used to prepare drugs and as a nutritional feed supp. for poultry and livestock. This profile includes: (a) The exam¿n. of toxicologic info. and epidemiologic evaluations on SE to ascertain the levels of significant human exposure for the substance and the chronic health effects; (b) A determination of whether adequate info. on the health effects of SE is avail. to determine levels of exposure that present a significant risk to human health (SRHH); and (c) Ident¿n. of toxicologic testing needed to identify the types of exposure that may present SRHH. Illus. A print on demand pub.

Proposed Canadian National Railway Company Acquisition of the Elgin Joliet Eastern Railway Company

Proposed Canadian National Railway Company Acquisition of the Elgin  Joliet   Eastern Railway Company Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556038312211
Release 2008
Pages 10
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Proposed Canadian National Railway Company Acquisition of the Elgin Joliet Eastern Railway Company has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Proposed Canadian National Railway Company Acquisition of the Elgin Joliet Eastern Railway Company also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Proposed Canadian National Railway Company Acquisition of the Elgin Joliet Eastern Railway Company book for free.

Spirulina in Human Nutrition and Health

Spirulina in Human Nutrition and Health Author M. E. Gershwin
ISBN-10 1420052578
Release 2007-10-08
Pages 328
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Astonishingly rich in nutrients, Spirulina is one of the most popular and well researched functional foods in the multi-billion dollar global food supplement market. This ancient species provides readily bioavailable protein along with carotenoids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals and has therapeutic applications in non-communicable disease such as diabetes milletus, hyperlipidemia, oxidative stress-induced diseases, inflammations, allergies, and even cancer. Growing scientific and market interests demand a high-quality, comprehensive, peer-reviewed volume on all aspects of this tiny aquatic plant. Drawing from the editors' expertise in nutrition and immunology as well as a prestigious panel of premier international researchers, Spirulina in Human Nutrition and Health provides the first complete compilation of the wealth of experimental data in a single accessible resource. Beginning with an introduction to the history and features of the plant itself, the book goes into great detail regarding its cultivation, handling, storage, and packaging, as well as applicable regulatory acts and organizations. It supplies explanations and reviews of studies involving Spirulina's use as a therapeutic food product and discusses its anti-oxidant profile and antioxidative and hepatoprotective properties. The book considers peer-reviewed studies on spirulina's effects on immunity, NK activation, and antibody production and highlights its role as an antibacterial and antiviral agent. The final chapters look at neurobiology and spirulina's effect on aging as well as potential interactions with pharmaceuticals or other bioavailable compounds. Extensively detailed and heavily referenced, Spirulina in Human Nutrition and Health is the definitive work on this highly nutritious food source.


ISBN-10 9781848262065
Release 2009-02-04
Pages 448
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Environmental and Ecological Chemistry is a component of Encyclopedia of Chemical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Resources in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. The Theme on Environmental and Ecological Chemistry prsents the essential aspects such as: Fundamental Environmental Chemistry; Atmospheric Chemistry; Soil Chemistry; Aquatic Chemistry; Ecological Chemistry; Chemistry of Organic Pollutants Including Agrochemicals. These volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College students Educators, Professional practitioners, Research personnel and Policy analysts, managers, and decision makers and NGOs.

The Progress of Nations 2000

The Progress of Nations  2000 Author
ISBN-10 9789280635959
Release 2000
Pages 38
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AIDS is possibly the greatest catastrophe facing the African continent. This is the stark message delivered by this latest issue of the UNICEF Progress report. It is estimated 860,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa have lost their teachers to AIDS in 1999, yet education is the cornerstone in preventing the spread of the disease. These and other statistics are set out in this annual report, detailing the progress of improving the quality of life for children and young people throughout the world. Some positive developments can be noted, such as the near-eradication of Polio, but much is still needed to be done.

Torn Between Two

Torn Between Two Author Deangela M. Mcneal
ISBN-10 1467846635
Release 2009-05-27
Pages 168
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Moffat Collection System Project

Moffat Collection System Project Author
ISBN-10 NWU:35556039357272
Release 2009
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Moffat Collection System Project has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Moffat Collection System Project also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Moffat Collection System Project book for free.

I m Somebody s Mama

I m Somebody s Mama Author Catherine Tyson
ISBN-10 1467856711
Release 2009-04-20
Pages 160
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I’M SOMEBODY’S MAMA by Catherine Tyson, is a series of conversations by one woman who dares to believe that despite what society says about a single mother with three children, like all other women, she is a queen! This is a true journey of daily self-discovery, self -acceptance and ultimately of fulfillment. This book is gripped with humor, is tender at heart and embraces with courage life’s conflicts that everyone inevitably faces. Like life…this book is segmented into short footsteps that take on incredible moods from one stride to the next. Whether it’s about motherhood, children, not having a man, someone else’s man, no-good men (have I said too much about men?)… Tyson successfully brings to life abstract feelings into moving, jumping, dancing characters that make the journey of life so colorful. I’M SOMEBODY’S MAMA is a must read…Its like having a little secret weapon tucked under one’s arm that whispers ‘I might not be where I want to be…yet, but I am happy with who I am”…it’s self acceptance…the greatest gift you can give yourself and the world. Through Tyson’s life, it shows that no matter where you are…you are going to be just fine…From walking out on faith with three little ones in tow, to attending university against all odds and obtaining a bachelor’s degree and later to undertaking a Master’s degree in the midst of all the turmoil, it shows tenacity and focus to a fault. In each recollection, she glares her demons in the face while making sacrifices that ultimately result in a fight that can have no other winners but she and her babies. It’s a sharp and witty celebration of life as somebody, even if it’s just being SOMEBODY’S MAMA.

Trust Yrbk Who s Who 1986

Trust Yrbk Who s Who 1986 Author Mara M Vilcinskas
ISBN-10 9781349182985
Release 1996-02-12
Pages 518
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Trust Yrbk Who s Who 1986 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Trust Yrbk Who s Who 1986 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Trust Yrbk Who s Who 1986 book for free.

Gabrielle Glitter Bug

Gabrielle Glitter Bug Author Jennifer Derejko-Viinikka
ISBN-10 9781468592719
Release 2007-12-17
Pages 24
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Gabrielle is a small glitter bug who just wants to play with the big bugs. She tries and she tries to do everything they do. Her friends keep telling her she is just not big enough. Until finally Gabrielle is able to show them size does not matter.

External Liberalization in Asia Post Socialist Europe and Brazil

External Liberalization in Asia  Post Socialist Europe  and Brazil Author Lance Taylor
ISBN-10 9780198033264
Release 2001-04-19
Pages 400
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This book reports on a fundamental economic policy shift in transition and developing countries after the mid-1980s. Since that time the liberalization of international trade and finance has been among the principal forces for increasing global integration. Looking at the experiences of nine countries--Argentina, Columbia, Cuba, India, Mexico, Russia, Korea, Turkey, and Zimbabwe--and the often negative effects that liberalization has had on them, the contributors include policy recommendations for often-overlooked problems and challenges posed by globalization.