Teaching English One to one

Teaching English One to one Author Priscilla Osborne
ISBN-10 1904549039
Release 2005
Pages 215
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How to teach one to one classes - for the professional English language teacher. This book provides an analysis of the problems of teaching students on a one to one basis as opposed to teaching groups of students. Covering a wide range of topics in this field, this book explains learner needs analysis and learner profiles, especially the student's current use of English and the reason for taking a one to one course; course planning; techniques which are specific to one to one teaching; techniques which do not work with one to one teaching; using the learner as the resource for teaching; together with the advantages of teaching students on a one to one basis. This book is packed with tried and tested suggestions for managing your students and your teaching time, on both a personal and pedagogical level, so that you can make the one-to-one teaching experience a rewarding and productive one.

The One One One Diet

The One One One Diet Author Rania Batayneh
ISBN-10 9781623360320
Release 2013-12-24
Pages 288
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Anyone who has tried to slim down is used to adding (calories, points, fat grams, net carbs) and subtracting (pounds, inches, dress sizes). But all that diet math rarely results in long-lasting weight loss. To be successful on The One One One Diet, readers only need to count to one: one protein, one carb, and one fat at every meal. For over 12 years, nutritionist Rania Batayneh has used this plan with more than 800 clients, and they've collectively dropped thousands of pounds permanently. The One One One Diet isn't another get-slim-quick fad, but rather gives readers the tools to eat healthfully for life. As long as readers stick to the ratio, nothing is off limits. Craving pizza? The crust (carb), sausage (protein), cheese (fat), and free veggies combine for a balanced, satisfying meal. Holiday family meals? Roast beef (protein), mashed potatoes (carb), gravy (fat), and green beans (free veggies) are on the table. The plan is perfectly adaptable to every lifestyle, food preference, cuisine, and personality. To illustrate how flexible and delicious this plan can be, Rania shares 75 recipes that she developed for her healthy meal catering service. Dishes such as Sumac-Infused Chicken Wraps, Butternut Squash Chickpea Curry, and Zucchini Chip Muffins are fast and easy to make and definitely don't taste like diet food. With The One One One Diet, readers will enhance overall wellness, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, increase energy and alertness, and reach their goal weight for good.

One on One

One on One Author Seymour, R. Ian
ISBN-10 1455609978
Release 2010-09-23
Pages 272
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Closing is the most important part of any sale. It is often also the most difficult. Ian Seymour has personally closed more than $32 million in retail sales one on one. Now he wants to share "the secrets of professional sales closing" with salespeople everywhere and turn each salesperson into a real PRO-CLO (a professional sales closer). Written for anyone in business who wants to succeed, grow and prosper, this comprehensive sales closing manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to successfully close any and every sale. The author describes secrets, techniques, methods, and tactics that are proven to work. Among "The Thirty-Nine Steps to Success" detailed in Part One are "Ten Do's and Ten Don'ts," "A Dozen Little Tricks Of The Trade," "Non-Verbal Communication (Body Language)," and "The Difference Between Being Good And Being The Best." The remainder of the book presents solutions to the 42 most common objections, an arsenal of 60 proven closes, and advice on how to make hay while the sun shines. In short, this manual provides everything necessary for you to become a true PRO-CLO. Ian Seymour's selling career began as a teenager when he established his own business selling merchandise door-to-door. Since then he has travelled the world and made enough money from selling to be able to retire. He has for many years been involved in training sales personnel and is a much-sought-after speaker at sales-training seminars.

One On One

One On One Author Don Aker
ISBN-10 9781443401333
Release 2010-08-01
Pages 208
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All 11-year-old Jared St. George can think about is making his school basketball team. What Jared refuses to think about is math, and the fact that he’s failing it. The problem is tough: a poor math grade plus an unsympathetic coach equals no basketball team. Jared’s only hope is peer tutoring from Ellie Brejovic, the weirdo classmate whom everyone teases. To his surprise, Ellie makes math make sense, except that Jared would rather admit to cheating than let the guys know about her. Turns out that’s the really big mistake, one that could cost Jared not just a spot on the team, but something far more valuable. One on One is Don Aker’s new novel for middle readers, a story that taps into the classic "making the team" dilemma with authentic characters, intelligent plotting and terrific writing. Kids who live to play basketball will love this book; kids who live to read will love it too.


One Author Gloria
ISBN-10 9781418434250
Release 2008-11-01
Pages 300
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You know, it really takes boldness to write some of this down! I believe that these prayers are going to touch many hearts and change many lives. I believe the Lord helped me to write them for you. Some of my prayers were initiated when I would pray for friends in times of trouble and torment. Knowing that the Lord's power was at hand I would write the prayer down shortly thereafter for the benefit of others. Sometimes, I would just open the bible and I would read scripture that would inspire or add to writing. I also tried to create prayers based on knowledge hoping that I and people I love might find increased faith, comfort or a glimmer of God's glorious Light. One such prayer is entitled "Honor thy Mother and Thy Father," which includes praying for false christs and false prophets - they seek to help others know the Lord, they seek to Honor the Lord! The most recent prayer I added is called "The Bread Of Life." The Lord had me praying transformation during holy communion and then put someone in my path that added to the thought. So this one is really crazy in the Lord!! Blessed is He from whom all blessings flow! Get behind me Satan, you are nothing but a stumbling block in the eyes of the Lord! Blessings and Love in Christ to All! Receive Him in the Name of Jesus!

One on One

One on One Author Rebecca Dunn Jaroff
ISBN-10 9781476849522
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 310
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(Applause Books). Covering the best of Broadway, Off-Broadway, regional, and experimental theatre since 2000, One on One challenges actors to explore the inner self, develop skill and artistry for auditions, and deliver a knockout onstage performance. These monologues sometimes comic, sometimes serious, and often both tackle issues ranging from race, class, gender, relationships and romance to coming of age, mortality, 9/11, and the Iraq war.

One by One in the Darkness

One by One in the Darkness Author Deirdre Madden
ISBN-10 9780571254569
Release 2009-10-29
Pages 192
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One by One in the Darkness is an account of a week in the lives of three sisters shortly before the start of the IRA ceasefire in 1994, undercut with the story of their childhood in Northern Ireland of the 1960s and 1970s. The history of both a family and a society, One by One in the Darkness confirms Deirdre Madden's reputation as one of Irish fiction's most outstanding talents. 'Her authority when writing on her native Northern Ireland is supreme . . . beautifully written . . . an author with a rare talent . . . haunting and beautiful.' Literary Review 'No other book has left me with such a lasting impression of the hurt of Northern Ireland.' Sunday Tribune 'Ambitious and wide-ranging . . . skilfully constructed . . . particularly good at the way in which the past constructs the present, how intense memories transfigure current experience . . . A quiet and effective psychological realism.' Independent on Sunday

One No One and One Hundred Thousand

One  No One  and One Hundred Thousand Author Luigi Pirandello
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105028604168
Release 1992
Pages 160
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One No One and One Hundred Thousand has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from One No One and One Hundred Thousand also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full One No One and One Hundred Thousand book for free.

One to One

One to One Author Christina Baldwin
ISBN-10 9781461664833
Release 1991-11-06
Pages 170
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For years I've been telling friends about the therapeutic powers of the act of writing. Now at last I have a book that I can recommend.—Judith Guest, author of Ordinary People

Enterprise One to One

Enterprise One to One Author Don Peppers
ISBN-10 9780385500739
Release 2000-02-01
Pages 464
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Enterprise One to One has taken its place alongside Don Peppers and Martha Rogers's The One to One Future as a marketing classic on how to sell more products to fewer customers through one-to-one marketing. In this brave new world, where microchip technology is making it possible for businesses to know their customers better than ever before, there is incredible opportunity to build unbreakable customer relationships. Peppers and Rogers explain the strategies needed to achieve killer competitive advantages in customer loyalty and unit margin. Among the things Enterprise One to One teaches are how to improve customer retention, not just incrementally but dramatically; how to increase your share of each customer's business over time; how to protect and increase your unit margin; and how to make the transition to the Interactive Age with today's new technologies. Enterprise One to One is the bible for successful marketing in today's competitive, high-tech world. From the Trade Paperback edition.

One to One Web Marketing

One to One Web Marketing Author Cliff Allen
ISBN-10 9780471013716
Release 2001-07-23
Pages 368
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A comprehensive resource on implementing a one-to-one marketing strategy on the Web With its unique focus on customer-oriented marketing strategy, One-to-One Web Marketing immediately became a bestseller among Internet business books when it was first published in 1998. Now in a second edition, this is still the only comprehensive resource for understanding and applying the latest technologies, tools, products, and solutions for one-to-one marketing on the Web. With 40% new material, the Second Edition features a full arsenal of checklists, flowcharts, templates, vendor lists, scripting examples, and other tools and information that readers can use to evaluate and implement one-to-one technologies.

One By One By One

One By One By One Author Judith Miller
ISBN-10 9781451684636
Release 2012-01-24
Pages 320
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Six million Jews died in Europe, and the Holocaust lives on in the minds of those individuals who survived the worst genocide the world has ever known. One, by One, by One is a masterwork—a stark and haunting exploration of how people rationalize history, how rationalization gives birth to lies, how the victims are blamed, and history's horrors are forgotten.

Between People

Between People Author John A. Sanford
ISBN-10 0809124408
Release 1982
Pages 92
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Discusses the problems that hinder true interpersonal communication and offers advice on openly expressing feelings and opinions to other people

Adobe Photoshop CS5 One on One

Adobe Photoshop CS5 One on One Author Deke McClelland
ISBN-10 9780596807979
Release 2010-07-21
Pages 460
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Presents an introduction to the basic concepts, tools, techniques, and features of Adobe Photoshop CS5, covering such topics as selecting and editing images, working with layers, adjusting color, sharpening, applying masks, using Camera Raw, and printing.

One on One

One on One Author Theodore T. Pettus
ISBN-10 UVA:X001649686
Release 1981
Pages 177
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Contending that the interview is the key factor in obtaining a job, a successful advertising executive offers detailed guidance in preparing for and successfully handling the job interview

Function Theory of One Complex Variable

Function Theory of One Complex Variable Author Robert Everist Greene
ISBN-10 0821839624
Release 2006
Pages 504
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This book is a text for a first-year graduate course in complex analysis. It is a modern introduction to the subject, reflecting the authors' expertise both as mathematicians and as expositors."--BOOK JACKET.

One on One

One on One Author Craig Brown
ISBN-10 9780007360635
Release 2011-09-22
Pages 400
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101 chance meetings, juxtaposing the famous and the infamous, the artistic and the philistine, the pompous and the comical, the snobbish and the vulgar, each 1,001 words long, and with a time span stretching from the 19th century to the 21st.