Plain Missing

Plain Missing Author Emma Miller
ISBN-10 9781496706478
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 304
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Inn owner Rachel Mast is no longer a devout member of the Amish community of Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, but she still cares deeply for them. So she’s staying at her family’s farm to help her mother through an illness—and at the same time, trying to track down two missing people . . . When the young gather to sing, it’s usually an evening of wholesome fun—but this time, the event has stirred whispers of scandal. Elsie Hostetler and her sweetheart, Dathan Bender, never came home afterward. There’s not even a trace of their horse and wagon, leading some to suspect that they’ve run off to marry and join the Englisch world. But Rachel fears there’s more to the story than a rebellious elopement. Her fiancé, a state trooper, is out of town, so she starts investigating herself, using her Amish background to pry information from the tight-lipped community. It turns out things were not so peaceful between Elsie and Dathan—and there was also a confrontation at the singing with a short-tempered ex-Marine. Among the simple houses and quiet country roads of Stone Mill, Rachel must find out just what kind of sins have been committed—and who is need of forgiveness . . . Praise for the Amish Mystery series “An excellent addition to the Amish mystery subgenre.”—Library Journal “An exciting tale of mystery, love, and danger.”—Booklist “A well-informed look into the tranquil world of the Amish with a fairly edgy puzzler.”—Kirkus Reviews

Plain Killing

Plain Killing Author Emma Miller
ISBN-10 9780758291752
Release 2014-12-20
Pages 288
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When the Amish community of Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, refuses to discuss a murder with the police, it's up to Rachel Mast to bridge the cultural gap and stop a killer from striking again. . . While swimming in a local quarry, Rachel and her cousin Mary Aaron discover the body of an Amish girl, fully clothed in her white bonnet, floating face down in the water. The drowned young woman, Beth Glick, had left Stone Mill and her Old Order Amish life a year ago, causing her to be shunned by her family and her people. But if Beth had joined the English world, why was she found dressed in Amish clothing and strangled? Rachel's boyfriend, police detective Evan Park, is getting nowhere with questioning Beth's family. He's also troubled over the fate of three other Amish girls who left Stone Mill in the last two years. As someone who gave up the Plain lifestyle herself then returned to operate a B&B, Rachel is able to use her ties to the community to learn more about the missing girls. But when her search eventually leads to the dark underbelly of the secular world, Rachel finds her own life in dire jeopardy. . . "Miller has written an exciting tale of mystery, love, and danger that will have readers turning the pages like crazy, wondering what the next big secret to be revealed will be and how Rachel will handle it." --Booklist

Sevgi Ugruna Yaptiklarimiz

Sevgi Ugruna Yaptiklarimiz Author Kristin Hannah
ISBN-10 6053430102
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 464
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Sevgi Ugruna Yaptiklarimiz has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sevgi Ugruna Yaptiklarimiz also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sevgi Ugruna Yaptiklarimiz book for free.

Just Plain Pickled to Death

Just Plain Pickled to Death Author Tamar Myers
ISBN-10 9781625173355
Release 1997-10-01
Pages 272
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An Amish Bed and Breakfast Mystery with Recipes – PennDutch Mysteries #4 *Includes Recipes for “Magdalena Yoder’s Wedding Feast, from Soup to Nuts”* “Bubbling over with mirth and mystery.” –Dorothy Cannell “A delicious treat.” –Carolyn G. Hart Magdalena Yoder is (finally!) getting married, and nothing is going to spoil her wedding; not the man-of-her-dreams’ loopy relatives, nor the twenty-year-old barrel of genuine Pennsylvania Dutch sauerkraut from her future father-in-law, which is not Mag’s idea of a great wedding present. Especially when it contains a body! Of course, Magdalena recognizes the victim, who’s as well-preserved as a gherkin: It's her fiancé's cousin Sarah, who's been missing for 20 years. Magdalena's inn is filled with the eccentric aunts and crazy uncles of the deceased...And Magdalena suspects one of them is the killer. Now she’s in a pickle, blowing the lid off a mystery two decades old, and digging up a scandal that may shake her Amish hometown to the core and send her to a funeral—her own—instead of her wedding day!

Broken English

Broken English Author Paul L. Gaus
ISBN-10 0821413252
Release 2000-06
Pages 205
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After a vicious murder in the heart of Amish Country, Professor Michael Branden, Sheriff Bruce Robertson, and Pastor Cal Troyer set out to catch a killer in the peaceful town of Millersburg, Ohio.

Plain and Deadly An Ellerie March Mystery

Plain and Deadly  An Ellerie March Mystery Author Barbara Workinger
ISBN-10 1620064634
Release 2015-05-13
Pages 214
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Life as a P.I. hasn't always been what Ellerie March envisioned for herself. With a caseload mostly resembling the domestic scenarios on Jerry Springer, she's not exactly working high-profile cases or helping to stop deadly criminals in their tracks. That is, until she meets Liddy and Annie Beiler-two Pennsylvania Amish women who have discovered an abandoned baby ... or so they say. El takes the case in hopes of locating the baby's missing mother, only to find herself in the midst of a homicide investigation and all too close to the family who might be responsible for this whole mess. Set against the backdrop of Pennsylvania and Ohio Amish country, city girl El casts her net for suspects-some of whom are the very people she needs to rely on to solve the case. Though she knows about keeping friends close and enemies closer, the lines of who is who become blurred in this "whodunit" escapade ... especially when an unexpected romance springs up in the middle of everything, much to the delight of El's grandmother and investigative "partner." Through the course of the investigation, El uncovers not only secrets about the Amish and their friends, but also discovers special relationships she could have only found by following her instincts and her heart. The desperate search for the truth reaches its peak in a land where El thought the world would always be simple and safe, proving that even the most unsuspecting of places can be both Plain and Deadly.

The Shipshewana Amish Mystery Collection

The Shipshewana Amish Mystery Collection Author Vannetta Chapman
ISBN-10 9780310342984
Release 2014-09-23
Pages 789
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Award-winning author Vannetta Chapman’s Shipshewana Amish Mystery series now available in one volume! Falling to Pieces In the Amish community of Shipshewana, two women—one Amish, one English—reluctantly join forces for a short-term business venture. Neither is looking for friendship, but when the town's newspaper editor is murdered, and an unexpected prime suspect is identified, the women form an unlikely alliance to solve the mystery. A Perfect Square Amish-English sleuthing duo Deborah Yoder and Callie Harper set out to solve a murder. But more than an innocent man’s future is at stake. In book two of the Shipshewana Amish Mystery series, God’s grace touches the long-lost past as well as lives shaken by current tragedy. Material Witness The Fall Crafters Fair has barely begun in Shipshewana when murder strikes the small town once again—this time on the property of Daisy's Quilt Shop. It will take all of the sleuthing skills Deborah Yoder and Callie Harper possess to catch the perpetrator. But the stakes are higher than ever before, since the material witness is their best friend's child. Everyone will have to go on a journey of faith deep into the heart of God’s grace.

A Plain Disappearance

A Plain Disappearance Author Amanda Flower
ISBN-10 9781433676963
Release 2013-09-01
Pages 336
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USA Today recently hailed award-nominated author Amanda Flower for A Plain Death, calling it “the first Amish rom-com . . . bring on the next one!” As the enthusiastic reviews continue to mount, she’s back with her third Appleseed Creek mystery, A Plain Disappearance. It’s Christmastime in Amish Country, and Chloe Humphrey has begun settling into her life in Appleseed Creek excited to see where her new relationship with Timothy Troyer will lead. Unfortunately it leads to murder when the couple discovers the body of Amish teenager Katie Lambright while on their first date. Near the scene there is evidence that Timothy’s friend and auto mechanic Billy Thorpe is involved with the crime. The police reveal Billy is not really who he said he was and has been living the last decade in Knox County under a stolen alias. Now, Chloe and Timothy must find Billy, bring him to justice, or prove his innocence.

Gercek Renkler

Gercek Renkler Author Kristin Hannah
ISBN-10 605536025X
Release 2011-11-01
Pages 512
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Gercek Renkler has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gercek Renkler also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gercek Renkler book for free.

Yildizlar S n nceye Dek

Yildizlar S  n  nceye Dek Author Danielle Steel
ISBN-10 6053485500
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 368
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Yildizlar S n nceye Dek has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Yildizlar S n nceye Dek also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Yildizlar S n nceye Dek book for free.


Marsli Author Andy Weir
ISBN-10 6053753904
Release 2015-02-01
Pages 416
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Marsli has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Marsli also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Marsli book for free.

A Prayer for the Night

A Prayer for the Night Author Paul L. Gaus
ISBN-10 9780821416723
Release 2006
Pages 210
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When a group of Amish teenagers on their Rumschpringe test is torn apart by the murder of one and the abduction of another, Professor Michael Branden joins forces with Holmes County Sheriff Bruce Robertson and Pastor Cal Troyer to find a murderer and a kidnapper, break up a deadly drug ring, and find the missing teen, all the while struggling with the reluctance of the Amish to trust the law. Simultaneous.

Gone Missing

Gone Missing Author Linda Castillo
ISBN-10 9781447213550
Release 2012-06-21
Pages 320
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When an Amish teenager disappears, it’s only the beginning . . . ‘Becca slogged through a deep drift and stumbled toward the front of the shanty. A padlock hung from the hasp, but it wasn’t engaged. Shaking with cold, she shoved open the door. The interior was dark and hushed. The air smelled of kerosene and fish. Out of the wind, it was so quiet she could hear the ice creaking beneath her feet. Her breath puffing out in clouds of white vapour, she pulled out the candle and matches she’d brought from home and lit the wick. The light revealed a small interior with plywood walls and a shelf covered with fish blood and a smattering of silver scales. A lantern sat on the shelf. A coil of rope hung on the wall . . .’ Three teenagers have vanished from Ohio’s Amish country. The only thing they have in common, other than their religion, is they are keen to leave the Plain Life. Chief of Police Kate Burkholder is called in to consult by Agent John Tomasetti as her Amish roots will be invaluable in an investigation involving this sectarian society. They travel to the small town of Monongahela Falls to investigate the latest disappearance – that of seventeen-year-old Annie King. The only evidence left behind is a satchel – and a pool of blood. The case moves closer to home for Kate when a young relative, Sadie Miller, vanishes. With her own past resonating, Kate delves into the lives of the missing teens. Soon, a sinister pattern emerges along with a vital clue that changes everything. While following up on a lead, Kate makes an appalling discovery and unearths a secret no one could have imagined—thrusting her into a fight to the death with a merciless killer.

Small Towns in Recent American Crime Fiction

Small Towns in Recent American Crime Fiction Author David Geherin
ISBN-10 9781476619187
Release 2014-11-20
Pages 200
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Small towns have long been a commonplace setting in cozy mysteries, but in recent years writers of realistic crime fiction have discovered fresh possibilities in small town settings. There they can take advantage of distinct facets of small town life--a sense of community, slower pace of life, proximity to nature--and yet deal with social, economic and environmental issues. Because crimes in small communities hit closer to home, the human element can better be emphasized. This book focuses on the work of ten contemporary authors who have placed small towns like Rocksburg, Pennsylvania (K. C. Constantine), West Table, Missouri (Daniel Woodrell), Niniltna, Alaska (Dana Stabenow), Aurora, Minnesota (William Kent Krueger), Paradise, Michigan (Steve Hamilton), Millersburg, Ohio (P. L. Gaus), Heartsdale, Georgia (Karin Slaughter), Millers Kill, New York (Julia Spencer-Fleming), Durant, Wyoming (Craig Johnson), and a number of national parks (Nevada Barr) on the map of American crime fiction.

Sevgim Sana Ait

Sevgim Sana Ait Author Lisa Kleypas
ISBN-10 9944823384
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 352
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Sevgim Sana Ait has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sevgim Sana Ait also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sevgim Sana Ait book for free.

Plain Dead

Plain Dead Author Emma Miller
ISBN-10 9780758291776
Release 2015-12-29
Pages 304
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When a newspaperman is murdered in the Amish community of Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, Rachel Mast digs up the dirt to find out who wanted to bury the lead… Although she left her Old Order Amish ways in her youth, Rachel discovered corporate life in the English world to be complicated and unfulfilling. Having returned to Stone Mill, she’s happy to be running her own B&B. But she’s also learning—in more ways than one—that the past is not always so easily left behind. After local newspaperman Bill Billingsly is found gagged and tied to his front porch, left to freeze overnight in a snowstorm, Detective Evan Parks—Rachel’s beau—uncovers a file of scandalous information Billingsly intended to publish, including a record of Rachel pleading no contest to charges of corporate misconduct. Though Evan is certain of her innocence, it’s up to Rachel to find the real killer. A closer examination of the victim’s unpublished report leads Rachel to believe the Amish community is far from sinless. But if she’s not careful her obituary might be the next to appear in print…

Melekler Korusun

Melekler Korusun Author Debbie Macomber
ISBN-10 9789944826358
Release 2013-02-04
Pages 232
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Shirley, Goodness ve Mercy, meleklerin işlerinin asla bitmeyeceğini bilirler; hele yılın en güzel dönemi olan Noel'de. Yardımcı melekleri Willi de kanatlarının altına alırlar ve New York'ta Times Meydanı'ndaki eğlenceleri izlemek için yola koyulurlar. Will, gece yarısı kalabalığın arasında tek başlarına duran iki yabancıyı fark ettiğinde, bunun yardım eli uzatmak için en uygun zaman olduğuna karar verir. Lucie Ferrara ve Aren Fairchild, yılbaşı gecesi Times Meydanı'nda kazara olmuş gibi görünen çarpışmalarının ardından tanışırlar. Birbirlerinden hemen hoşlanırlar ve pek çok ortak yönlerinin olduğunu fark ederler. Ama kaderin cilvesi onları bir araya gelmeleri kadar hızlı bir şekilde ayırır. Lucie ve Aren'in birbirleriyle iletişime geçmeleri mümkün görünmemektedir artık. Tabii eğer bir mucize gerçekleşmezse Eğlenceli ve romantik bu romanda Debbie Macomber uzun zamandır özlemini çektiğiniz bir aşka tanıklık etmenizi sağlayacak. Macomber'ın karakterlerine hayran olmamak olanaksız. Söz konusu özel bir mekan ve asla unutulmayacak karakterler yaratmak olduğunda, kimse Macomber ile boy ölçüşemez. Bookpage