Somewhere We Will Find You

Somewhere We Will Find You Author Robert Underbrink
ISBN-10 9780557298983
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 260
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Search and Rescue Operations in the CBI, 1942-1945. This work offers a clear picture of the combined efforts that were made to bring back pilots and aircrews who, because of pilot error, equipment failure, weather or enemy action, found themselves stranded in the inhospitable terrain stretching across North Burma between China and India, while flying The Hump. 92 photos, end notes, bibliography, index.

Vanity Will Get You Somewhere

Vanity Will Get You Somewhere Author Joseph Cotten
ISBN-10 9780595091331
Release 2000-03-24
Pages 280
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Joseph Cotten’s story begins in Tidewater, Virginia, moves on to an episode as a Miami ‘potato salad’ tycoon and then brings us to his first big break as an actor, in the New York theatre. Cotten describes how he met the flamboyant Orson Welles- at a radio audition at which Welles set a wastepaper basket on fire- and their involvement with the Mercury theatre. This led to Cotten’s first film role, as Orson’s co-star in Citizen Kane, quickly followed by parts in The Magnificent Ambersons and The Third Man. Orson- perhaps the only man to use Churchill as a stooge while trying to set up a film deal- was a lifelong friend of Cotten’s, and this autobiography was one of the last works he read before his untimely death in 1985. Cotten takes us behind the scenes of his stage plays and films, recalling amusing and intimate stories of his adventures with Ingrid Bergman, Marilyn Monroe, Katharine Hepburn, David Niven, David O. Selznick, Alfred Hitchcock and many others. Sensitive to his own motivations, frank about his marriages and warmly revealing about himself and his friends, Cotten has written much more than the usual film star biography. His skills as an actor have made him a master of character and dramatic momentum, and he brings the same talents to his writing. Vanity Will get You Somewhere is a generous, loving and humorous portrait of a man without a shred of vanity in his nature- and of his friends and colleagues in the larger-than-life world of show business.

Between Us Only

Between Us Only Author Majid Said Nasser Al Suleimany
ISBN-10 9781425182762
Release 2009
Pages 428
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The Sequel - Between Us Only! This is The Sequel - Between Us Only - Book Two - from his First Book of the same name. The book contains series of articles that had appeared during the last three years in his column in The Oman Daily Observer (English Daily). The subjects cover varies from week to week but range from Socio-political, Social, Economic, Family, Educational, Omanisation (Localisation), Training & Development, International arena and scenarios etc. Book Two contains equally interesting subjects and topics. A.02 - About The Book - Psychology of Arab Management Thinking. For a long time now, I have been putting off the idea of writing this book - though it had been on my mind for a long time now. The mere idea of writing this book scared me to bits and pieces - for many valid and pertinent reasons. As Arabs, work is worshipped (Islamic Religion calls on us to respect work like as if it is in praying). We are also brought up to be polite, courteous and decent (at least a majority of us). Abrupt, ugly, rudeness and distort are discouraged. Also it is not easy to say NO - as part of the culture, customs, traditions and heritage. So what went wrong here - especially in Management circles? Why are we behind the rest of the world, despite all our riches and resources? I hope you will enjoy the book. I have tried to be as frank, open, forthright, honest, sincere and genuine as I can - as Readers who know me can give credence and credibility to me and will vouch and authenticate my works. It is a no punch-spared, no barrels held stiff, no frills - play but to be as frank, open and honest as possible - so it can be a learning process for this generation and others to come in the future. I have not spared myself, so there is just for it to be honest, sincere, genuine and hard hitting - sparing no one. Just No One. A.03 - About The Author (Both Books). The Writer, who is a Human Resources Professional and Expert, is also a weekly Column Writer in The Oman Daily Observer Features under 'Between Us Only'. He started writing as a hobby when he was 12 years old, and his first project in writing (My Most Vivid Dream) had won him a National Award. His style of writing is 'with a fresh approach and direct from the heart' and as if speaking to you directly, having known you and using personal experiences and exposures - and examples to illustrate his points, views, and suggestions - characteristics of his writing style. Many of his famous widely acclaimed read articles have been compiled into his first book and cater for different tastes and likes - covering almost everyone - from the Student to the CEO, from the child, teenager to Grand Parents! He is married with three daughters and son (married), daughters first being twins (married with grandchildren).

Leap Year

Leap Year Author Peter Cameron
ISBN-10 9781453250334
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 248
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“Leap Year attests to Mr. Cameron’s blossoming satiric gifts and his instinctive feeling for the confusions of a generation.” —The New York Times As the curtain falls on the vibrant, gritty New York of the 1980s, just-divorced David and Loren Parish watch their lives come apart—but not before one last year of self-absorbed fun. Even with their daughter Kate mistakenly kidnapped, an absurd murder in a SoHo gallery, and friends suffering from the full spectrum of yuppie maladies, David and Loren are determined to make some sense of their messy and complicated lives. Loren moves in with TV producer Gregory while David begins dating a passionate young artist Heath; meanwhile, the two find themselves spending more time with each other than they ever did before their separation. Leap Year is at once a rapier-sharp satire of a turbulent decade and an infectious celebration of a city brimming with infinite possibilities.

The Dragons Treasure

The Dragons Treasure Author S.R Sabol
ISBN-10 9781300051879
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The Dragons Treasure has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Dragons Treasure also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Dragons Treasure book for free.

Belfast Morning

Belfast Morning Author Robert Snow
ISBN-10 9781496929440
Release 2014-11-15
Pages 252
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When North Irish separatist, Sean Dunnigan, accidentally wounds a bystander during an attack on a sensitive military project, he is torn with guilt. After visiting her in the hospital, ostensibly to assure himself that the victim, Judith Fenley, will survive, he becomes obsessed. When Judith is released from the hospital, Sean approaches her again. Their relationship is cautious at first, but they are soon deeply in love. There are barriers to face. She is a Protestant of English parents. He is Catholic. Little by little, they face their differences: religion, politics, the whole issue of Ulster Independence, his role as a freedom fighter, and how best to end it. Just as it seems that their problems are resolved and a new life lies ahead, however, tragedy strikes. The story ends with a twist from a totally unanticipated angle—a hint that there may be hope for the future.

Without a Vision the People Perish

Without a Vision the People Perish Author Steven Deace
ISBN-10 9781602666429
Release 2007-06-01
Pages 276
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According to the author, Americans are a confused people who want to post the Ten Commandments in public, but often don't live by them in their private lives. He urges this generation to get back to basics and boldly proclaim the vision of grace found only in the transforming truth of the Word of God. (Christian)


Trefoil Author M. Moore
ISBN-10 9781466459670
Release 2011-11-15
Pages 234
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Some days are just like fairy tales. You wake up a normal teenager in NYC, but by dinner time you find out you're a fairy princess. Meckenzie Desmond's life took that turn as she and her triplet brother and sister find out that their mother, who disappeared when they were ten, is the fairy queen and they are meant to rule the world of Aquanis. Like every fairy tale, there is an evil lurking in the shadows to make sure there is no happily ever after.

On the Run

On the Run Author David Nelson
ISBN-10 9781493192304
Release 2014-08-30
Pages 228
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Life in postwar Britain is tough, especially in London’s East End, ravaged by bombing and rampant crime. Accused of murdering the son of a notorious gangland boss, Joe Foster is in big trouble. Evidence points to him as the killer, and he is forced to run from the police and the criminal underworld combined. To avoid capture, Joe flees the country and discovers an opportunity for a future he could only dream of in Britain. But his family and the love of his life, Maggie, are in London, and he is desperate to claim his innocence.

Chiefs A Novel 25th Anniversary Edition

Chiefs  A Novel  25th Anniversary Edition Author Stuart Woods
ISBN-10 9780393063530
Release 2012-01-23
Pages 432
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The Edgar Award-winning mystery that launched the career of bestselling novelist Stuart Woods. In the bitter winter of 1920, the first body is found in Delano, Georgia; the naked corpse of an unidentified teenager. There is no direct evidence of murder, but the body bears marks of what seems to be a ritual beating. The investigation falls to Will Henry Lee, a failed cotton farmer newly appointed as Delano's first chief of police. Lee's obsession with the crime begins a story that weaves through the decades, following the life of a small southern town and the role of three police chiefs in unraveling the crime. Chiefs is the best kind of thriller, where the investigation plays out against the drama beneath the surface of a seemingly placid community, seething with the pressures of race, love, hate, and; always; political power, extending from the town fathers all the way to Washington, DC. Includes a new foreword by the author on the twenty-fifth anniversary of its publication.

Love Stories

Love Stories Author Terry Finley Terry
ISBN-10 9780615187259
Release 2008-01
Pages 244
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One of love's definitions is "to be passionately devoted." Such passion may be positive or negative, helpful or harmful. These stories are about desires and emotions, but most of them are not about sexual excitement. Devotion (faithfulness) can be blind and lead one to disaster. It can also lead one to happiness and fulfillment. These eighteen stories take you to the heights and depths of love. They bring love and hate to life. Here you will see love improve life and bring about death. These stories are packed with powerful emotions. You will cry and even rant and rage because of what the characters do and say. These are definitely "Love Stories."

Little Men

Little Men Author Louisa May Alcott
ISBN-10 9780486114279
Release 2012-07-12
Pages 304
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DIVJo March and her husband open their doors and hearts to a host of endearing little mischief-makers in a spirited classic that takes readers back to 19th-century America. /div

Our Polly

Our Polly Author Anna Jacobs
ISBN-10 9781444714456
Release 2001-09-06
Pages 512
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Little Billy is the light of Polly's life -- it's for her son's sake that she puts up with an unkind mother-in-law and an isolated farm. Then Billy is knocked down by a car, his father killed attempting to save his life, and Polly, cast off by her husband's family, is left with a child who may never walk or talk again. Polly's own family, the Kershaws, provide all the support they can, but they are unable to outmanoeuvre the malicious Dr Browning-Baker , who is determined to have Billy taken away from his mother, depriving him of the exercises and stimulation that are his only hope. Forced to flee to the Fylde coast, Polly and Billy find that their future may lie with another damaged family -- an ex-Army captain whose First World War marriage was a terrible mistake, and his daughter, who has never recovered from the hostility of the mother she loves. But danger threatens their fragile happiness...

Breaking The Silence

Breaking The Silence Author Ashfaq P A
Release 2014-02-24
Pages 8
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This is a Fan Fiction based on an upcoming video game called "The Division" by Ubisoft. The story is completely based on the situation and scenario which you will see over the game. The characters and the script are totally made from scratch by refereing the first gameplay trailer.

Alien Hunter Underworld

Alien Hunter  Underworld Author Whitley Strieber
ISBN-10 9781429922746
Release 2014-08-05
Pages 304
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Alien Hunter: Underworld, the searing sequel to Alien Hunter from bestselling author Whitley Strieber Flynn Carroll works for the most secret police unit on the planet, seeking the most brilliant and lethal criminals who have ever walked free: thieves and murderers from another world. As part of a top secret CIA alien communications project, Flynn's unit has been tasked with tracking down rogue agents from the planet Aeon. While Aeon claims to be a free planet desiring open communications with humanity, Aeon criminals have committed a series of brutal and bizarre murders on Earth. Flynn has been forbidden to take lethal action against the alien murderers—but as the bodies begin to pile up, something must be done. Flynn finds himself cut off from his team, struggling to unearth Aeon secrets while protecting Earthling civilians from the deadly creatures. But as Flynn gets closer to the truth, he finds himself facing not only some of the most dangerous and frightening criminals ever seen on Earth, but also questions about his own existence. In order to crack the case, Flynn must come to grips with the greatest mystery he has yet confronted: who—or what—is he? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.


Glamour Author Louise Bagshawe
ISBN-10 1440699526
Release 2009-02-24
Pages 432
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The internationally bestselling author of Sparkles is back with an irresistibly juicy novel about three powerful women?once best friends, now deadly rivals Texan honey Sally Lassiter, English rose Jane Morgan, and exotic Jordanian beauty Helen Yanna meet at an exclusive girls? school in L.A. and vow that nothing will ever tear them apart. But when catastrophe strikes, two of the young women find themselves grieving and penniless, and the third will be forced into a fate she could never have foreseen. In their struggle to rebuild their lives, Helen, Sally, and Jane come together to create a high-end department store called Glamour. But as money and recognition rocket them into the spotlight, they quickly discover what happens to promises when money is no object, lust has no bounds, and glamour is worth everything in this seductive rags?to? riches saga.


Rapunzel Author Annie Siddons
ISBN-10 9781849437516
Release 2015-12-09
Pages 72
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After a happy childhood picking herbs, making potions, healing the sick and helping the local villagers, Rapunzel grows into a beautiful young woman – and suddenly finds herself locked in a tower. But this is Rapunzel as you’ve never seen her before – tough, sassy, a survivor, a lover, a fighter – and life has a whole lot more in store for her yet... Set in Italy, the home of this ancient folk tale, Rapunzel is a lively, funny, passionate story of abandonment and loyalty, love and betrayal, complete with mafia bosses, magic bushes, evil princes and a wonderfully helpful pig.