The City and the Pillar

The City and the Pillar Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 0349106576
Release 1997
Pages 186
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Jim Willard, former high-school athlete and clean-cut boy-next-door-, is haunted by the memory of a romanctic adolescent encounter with his friend Bob Ford. As Jim pursues his first love, in awe of the very same masculinity he possesses himself, his progresss through the secret gay world of 1940's America unveils surreptitious Hollywood affairs, the hidden life of the military in the Second World War and the underworld bar culture of New York City. With the publication of his daring thrid novel The City and the Pillar in 1948, Gore Vidal shocked the American public, which has just begun to hail him as their newest and brightest young writer. It remains not only an authentic and profoundly importatnt social document but also a serious exploration of the nature of idealistic love.

The City and the Pillar

The City and the Pillar Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 0451007735
Release 1968
Pages 314
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A literary "cause celebre" when first published more than fifty years ago, Gore Vidal's now-classic The City and the Pillar stands as a landmark novel of the gay experience. Jim, a handsome, all-American athlete, has always been shy around girls. But when he and his best friend, Bob, partake in "awful kid stuff," the experience forms Jim's ideal of spiritual completion. Defying his parents' expectations, Jim strikes out on his own, hoping to find Bob and rekindle their amorous friendship. Along the way he struggles with what he feels is his unique bond with Bob and with his persistent attraction to other men. Upon finally encountering Bob years later, the force of his hopes for a life together leads to a devastating climax. The first novel of its kind to appear on the American literary landscape, The City and the Pillar" "remains a forthright and uncompromising portrayal of sexual relationships between men.

The City and the Pillar

The City and the Pillar Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 0451028171
Release 1968-08-01
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The city and the pillar and seven early stories

The city and the pillar and seven early stories Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 UOM:39015031725974
Release 1948
Pages 310
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First published in 1948, Vidal's early novel about homosexual life and the immersion of a regular American man in the gay subculture of New York and California is accompanied by seven early stories written during the 1950s. 12,500 first printing.

The City and the Pillar

The City and the Pillar Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 1400030374
Release 2003
Pages 207
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Jim Willard, a homosexual, is haunted by the memory of a childhood friendship, and is unable to find happiness in casual affairs.

The City and the Pillar Revised

The City and the Pillar Revised Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 IND:32000006465241
Release 1965
Pages 249
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The City and the Pillar Revised has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The City and the Pillar Revised also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The City and the Pillar Revised book for free.


Julian Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 OCLC:299187468
Release 1979
Pages 874
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Julian has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Julian also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Julian book for free.

The Pillar of Salt

The Pillar of Salt Author Albert Memmi
ISBN-10 0807083275
Release 1955
Pages 342
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Alexandre Benillouche, a boy of Italian Jewish and Berber descent, struggles for identity and survival in the ghettos of war-torn Tunisia

The City The City

The City   The City Author China Miéville
ISBN-10 9780330520102
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 500
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When the body of a murdered woman is found in the extraordinary, decaying city of Beszel, somewhere at the edge of Europe, it looks like a routine case for Inspector Tyador Borlú of the Extreme Crime Squad. But as he probes, the evidence begins to point to conspiracies far stranger, and more deadly, than anything he could have imagined. Soon his work puts him and those he cares for in danger. Borlú must travel to the only metropolis on Earth as strange as his own, across a border like no other. With shades of Kafka and Philip K. Dick, Raymond Chandler and 1984, the multi-award winning The City & The City by China Miéville is a murder mystery taken to dazzling metaphysical and artistic heights.


Williwaw Author Gore Vidal
ISBN-10 0349105693
Release 2003
Pages 180
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A boat of the army transportation corps fights through the fierce wind of the williwaw, carrying two officers and a chaplain with its crew. Human nature and the elements move the men through their uncertain destiny. This is Gore Vidal's first novel. Written when he was just seventeen and based very strongly on his own traumatic experiences in the US Navy as WW2 reached its end, this is a compelling story of one young man's bravery under fire.

The Height of Pillar

The Height of Pillar Author F.F. McCulligan
ISBN-10 9781490771175
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 308
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Kellen Wayfield is no hero. When old debts finally catch up with him, he’s forced to become one, or die. The long time swindler would rather disappear into the shadows of Darkwell and hatch his next con, but instead he must strike out into the unknown with his old friend, Deagan Wingrat. Entrapped into similar obligations, Deagan leaves his simple life to lend his sword and shield to Kellen’s cause. With his knighthood stripped away, he risks everything to protect the city that cast him aside. Devenkai’s forces encroach on human lands with the inevitability of nightfall. With two cities remaining, only a man without honor has the power to choose: which one shall he feed to Devenkai first?

The Early Stories

The Early Stories Author John Updike
ISBN-10 9780307417022
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 864
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Winner of the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction A harvest and not a winnowing, this volume collects 103 stories, almost all of the short fiction that John Updike wrote between 1953 and 1975. “How rarely it can be said of any of our great American writers that they have been equally gifted in both long and short forms,” reads the citation composed for John Updike upon his winning the 2006 Rea Award for the Short Story. “Contemplating John Updike’s monumental achievement in the short story, one is moved to think of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James, Ernest Hemingway, and perhaps William Faulkner—writers whose reputations would be as considerable, or nearly, if short stories had been all that they had written. From [his] remarkable early short story collections . . . through his beautifully nuanced stories of family life [and] the bittersweet humors of middle age and beyond . . . John Updike has created a body of work in the notoriously difficult form of the short story to set beside those of these distinguished American predecessors. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks are due to John Updike for having brought such pleasure and such illumination to so many readers for so many years.”

A Child s Book of Saints

A Child s Book of Saints Author William Canton
ISBN-10 9781406890488
Release 2008-05
Pages 120
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Stories Of Angels, Hermits, Abbots And Kings Whose Faith Brought About Strange Miracles.


Faggots Author Larry Kramer
ISBN-10 155584667X
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 384
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Larry Kramer's Faggots has been in print since its original publication in 1978 and has become one of the best-selling novels about gay life ever written. The book is a fierce satire of the gay ghetto and a touching story of one man's desperate search for love there, and reading it today is a fascinating look at how much, and how little, has changed.

Pillar of the Sky

Pillar of the Sky Author Cecelia Holland
ISBN-10 9781504007665
Release 2015-02-24
Pages 421
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A breathtaking novel of primitive England and the astonishing birth of the miracle called Stonehenge In a time before recorded history, on an island that many centuries later would come to be known as Britain, Moloquin, the Unwanted One, dreams of a pathway to the heavens. Cast out as a child, he survives by his wits alone on the fringes of tribal society and grows into manhood driven by one powerful and unshakable ambition: to build a link between the earthly and the spiritual worlds through the raising of an impossible structure. But to accomplish such a momentous feat in this primitive age of stone will not only require superhuman strength, it will entail unraveling the very fabric of life. Still, Moloquin will not be deterred in his quest, and he will stand courageously against all enemies, court untold disaster, sacrifice what he must, and remake his entire world to see his great vision gloriously realized. One of today’s foremost historical novelists, Cecelia Holland explores the strange and enduring mystery of Stonehenge, one of the true wonders of the ancient and modern world. A breathtaking speculation, Pillar of the Sky is an unforgettable tale brimming with action, colorful characters, vivid detail, intelligence, and wonder, while presenting a possible history of the man-made miracle on Salisbury Plain that confounds scientists, scholars, and archaeologists to this day.

Empire of Self

Empire of Self Author Jay Parini
ISBN-10 9780385537575
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 480
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An intimate, authorized yet totally frank biography of Gore Vidal (1925–2012), one of the most accomplished, visible, and controversial American novelists and cultural figures of the past century The product of thirty years of friendship and conversation, Jay Parini’s Empire of Self digs behind the glittering surface of Gore Vidal’s colorful career to reveal the complex emotional and sexual truths underlying his celebrity-strewn life. But there is plenty of glittering surface as well—a virtual Who’s Who of the twentieth century, from Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart through the Kennedys, Johnny Carson, Leonard Bernstein, and the crème de la crème of Hollywood. Also a generous helping of feuds with the likes of William F. Buckley, Norman Mailer, Truman Capote, and The New York Times, among other adversaries. The life of Gore Vidal teemed with notable incidents, famous people, and lasting achievements that call out for careful evocation and examination. Jay Parini crafts Vidal’s life into an accessible, entertaining story that puts the experience of one of the great American figures of the postwar era into context, introduces the author and his works to a generation who may not know him, and looks behind the scenes at the man and his work in ways never possible before his death. Provided with unique access to Vidal’s life and his papers, Parini excavates many buried skeletons yet never loses sight of his deep respect for Vidal and his astounding gifts. This is the biography Gore Vidal—novelist, essayist, dramatist, screenwriter, historian, wit, provocateur, and pioneer of gay rights—has long needed. From the Hardcover edition.

The Letters to the Thessalonians

The Letters to the Thessalonians Author Gene L. Green
ISBN-10 0802837387
Release 2002-07-01
Pages 400
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In this commentary Gene Green reads Paul's two letters to the Thessalonians in light of the canon of Scripture and of new knowledge about the first-century world of Thessalonica. This fruitful approach helps illuminate the impact of the gospel on its original readers and, in turn, shows how potent a force it can be for the church and society today. The book begins with an in-depth study of the Thessalonians themselves -- their history, land, socioeconomic conditions, and religious environment. This fascinating discussion gives the necessary context for fully appreciating the circumstances surrounding the founding of the city's first church and the subsequent struggles of the Thessalonian believers to live out their Christian faith. The main body of the book provides informed verse-by-verse commentary on 1 & 2 Thessalonians that extracts the fullest possible meaning from these important New Testament texts. As Green's exposition shows, the Thessalonian scriptures are especially valuable as letters of friendship and for showing Paul's pastoral concern for the many areas in which the Thessalonians needed guidance. Some of Paul's purposes are to thank the new believers for their steadfastness amid suffering, to encourage them in their trials, to urge them not to neglect their daily work, and, no less important, to teach them about the future of believers who die before Christ returns. Indeed, the matter of the last things and the second coming of Christ so permeates these texts that they are often called Paul's eschatological letters. Filled with new information about ancient society, this commentary will fast become a standard reference work for Bible study. By carefully bridging the biblical and modern worlds, Green shows with clarity and warmth the continuing relevance of 1 & 2 Thessalonians for contemporary readers.