The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door Author Shari Lapena
ISBN-10 9781473541542
Release 2016-07-14
Pages 368
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***The No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller and WHSmith Book of the Year 2016*** PEOPLE ARE CAPABLE OF ALMOST ANYTHING. ‘Meticulously crafted and razor-sharp. THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR lingers long after you turn the final page’ HARLAN COBEN Fast-paced and addictive, THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR announces a major new talent in thriller writing. You never know what's happening on the other side of the wall. Your neighbour told you that she didn't want your six-month-old daughter at the dinner party. Nothing personal, she just couldn't stand her crying. Your husband said it would be fine. After all, you only live next door. You'll have the baby monitor and you'll take it in turns to go back every half hour. Your daughter was sleeping when you checked on her last. But now, as you race up the stairs in your deathly quiet house, your worst fears are realized. She's gone. You've never had to call the police before. But now they're in your home, and who knows what they'll find there. What would you be capable of, when pushed past your limit? 'How well do we ever know those around us? THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR will keep you glued to the pages in search of the answer. Even then, you'll never guess the truth...until it's too late' LISA GARDNER

The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door Author Margaret Millar
ISBN-10 1932009299
Release 2004
Pages 248
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The first collection of noveletets and short stories by one of the great mystery writers, and a mistress of psychological suspense.

The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door Author Rick R. Reed
ISBN-10 9781634766494
Release 2015-12-07
Pages 200
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Will getting close to the couple next door put not only a potential love in jeopardy, but eventually Jeremy's very life?

The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door Author J. Wheatfield
ISBN-10 OCLC:672333346
Release 1973
Pages 190
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The Marriage Pact

The Marriage Pact Author Michelle Richmond
ISBN-10 9780718186111
Release 2017-07-27
Pages 432
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'Ranks with Gone Girl' Joseph Finder ---- Would you stake your life on your marriage? Newlyweds Jake and Alice are offered a mysterious wedding gift - membership of a club which promises its couples will never divorce. Signing The Pact seems the start to a perfect marriage. Until one of them breaks the rules. The marriage of their dreams is about to become their worst nightmare. Because The Pact is for life. And its members will do anything to make sure no one leaves . . . 'A brilliant premise . . . tautly plotted and deftly written' J P Delaney 'Beware. This will keep you up all night' Lisa Gardner 'You won't be able to turn the pages fast enough' Paula Daly

Karanlik Yerler

Karanlik Yerler Author Gillian Flynn
ISBN-10 6054482793
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 536
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XXL Leseprobe The Couple Next Door

XXL Leseprobe  The Couple Next Door Author Shari Lapena
ISBN-10 9783732543373
Release 2017-02-02
Pages 64
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Die XXL-Leseprobe zu Shari Lapenas "The Couple Next Door": Jedes Paar hat seine Geheimnisse. Manche sind tödlich ... Deine Nachbarin möchte nicht, dass du dein Baby zur Dinnerparty mitbringst. Dein Ehemann sagt, das sei schon in Ordnung. Ihr wohnt ja gleich nebenan. Außerdem habt ihr ein Babyfon und könnt abwechselnd nach der Kleinen sehen. Deine Tochter schläft, als du das letzte Mal nach ihr siehst. Doch jetzt herrscht Totenstille im Haus. Du rennst ins Kinderzimmer - und dein schlimmster Alptraum wird wahr: Die Wiege ist leer. Es bleibt nur eins: die Polizei zu rufen - doch wer weiß, was sie finden wird ...

Lola ve Komsu Cocuk

Lola ve Komsu Cocuk Author Stephanie Perkins
ISBN-10 6055016486
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 320
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The Couple Next Door

The Couple Next Door Author Pam Garlick
ISBN-10 1516887956
Release 2015-08-14
Pages 26
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Lucianna had never thought she'd see her old boyfriend, Nick, again; much less, have him move into her neighborhood. Yet, here she was with the one-time man of her dreams living right next door to her. Worse, he had a beautiful wife. Lucianna tried not to, but couldn't help but notice the fancy cars the couple next door drove. Nor the vanity plates she despised. Worse still was the fact they seemed to have some very strange habits. After a short time Lucianna couldn't help but wonder what was really going on in her new neighbor's home. Was it possible her lost love was involved in something nefarious? What would she do if he was? Did she want to know?

Yiutjip k p l

Yiutjip k   p   l Author Shari Lapeña
ISBN-10 9791195888207
Release 2016
Pages 407
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Anne and Marco Conti seem to have it all -- a loving relationship, a wonderful home, and their beautiful baby, Cora. But one night when they are at a dinner party next door, a terrible crime is committed. Suspicion immediately focuses on the parents. But the truth is a much more complicated story. Inside the curtained house, an unsettling account of what actually happened unfolds. Detective Rasbach knows that the panicked couple is hiding something. Both Anne and Marco soon discover that the other is keeping secrets, secrets they've kept for years.

A Stranger in the House

A Stranger in the House Author Shari Lapena
ISBN-10 9780735221147
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 320
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From the New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door, a new thriller featuring a suspicious accident, a wife who can’t account for herself, and unsettling questions that threaten to tear the couple apart You’re home making dinner for your husband. You expect him any second. The phone rings—it’s the call you hoped you’d never get. You jump in your car and race to a neighborhood you thought you’d never visit. You peer into the dark, deserted building. You brace yourself for the worst. And then, you remember nothing else. They tell your husband you’ve been in an accident. You lost control of your car as you sped through the worst side of town. The police suspect you were up to no good. But your husband refuses to believe it. Your best friend is not so sure. And even you don’t know what to believe…

The Stranger Next Door

The Stranger Next Door Author Joy Fielding
ISBN-10 9781785763144
Release 2016-12-01
Pages 320
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'A suspense novel with a shocking twist.' Booklist. A gripping psychological thriller, perfect for fans of The Couple Next Door and Louise Jensen. Terry Painter is used to being alone. She prefers it that way. But Terry has a new neighbour. Alison. Alison is young, beautiful and outgoing. She's everything Terry isn't. But Alison has a secret. Something she doesn't want Terry to know. Terry has one too. As lies are told and pasts are revealed, only one question remains . . . How well do you really know your neighbour? Tense, dark and packed with twists, this is a gripping psychological thriller from the 16-million-copy bestselling Queen of psychological suspense, Joy Fielding. ***Previously published as Whispers and Lies***

Icg d

Icg  d  Author Michael Ledwidge
ISBN-10 6059961584
Release 2014-12-01
Pages 384
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A Twist of the Knife

A Twist of the Knife Author Becky Masterman
ISBN-10 9781409155492
Release 2017-03-23
Pages 320
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It takes a strong woman to be able to watch someone die. Brigid Quinn is tough, determined, steely and sharper than sharp. As an ex-agent of the FBI she has seen it all, and survived. But nothing can cut her closer to the bone than family... When Brigid gets a call from her mother saying her father is in hospital with pneumonia, she decides to check on her former colleague Laura Coleman who is living nearby. Having saved Brigid's life, Laura is now working on an 'innocence project', investigating cold cases. And one in particular seems to have caught her attention. Fifteen years before, Marcus Creighton was accused of killing his wife and three children. Now the state governor has signed the warrant for his execution. Worried that her friend is getting in too deep, Brigid promises to help. But what if her instincts are betraying her? If she can't even trust her memories of her own childhood, how can she make a call on some stranger's story that took place over fifteen years before?

Harika Pic

Harika Pic Author Christina Lauren (pseud. van Christina Hobbs.)
ISBN-10 6053433454
Release 2014-08-01
Pages 320
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Een jonge, ambitieuze assistente wordt verliefd op haar woest aantrekkelijke baas en bedrijft de liefde met hem.


Parafili Author Jane Casey
ISBN-10 6059176143
Release 2015-08-01
Pages 448
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Things Go Flying

Things Go Flying Author Shari Lapena
ISBN-10 1897142307
Release 2008
Pages 220
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Received an honourable mention on the Globe and Mail's top first fiction for 2008 Shari Lapena takes the wit of David Sedaris and the outrageousness of Douglas Coupland to create a dark, hilarious and wildly inventive contemporary comedy about how the past can come back to haunt you. Literally. In Things Go Flying, Harold Walker is desperately average and listless at mid-life, stemming in part from the abrupt death of his one-time best friend, Tom. Harold's wife Audrey, an increasingly frustrated housewife and mother to their two teenage sons, is a control freak silently harbouring an explosive secret. Things go flying in the Walker household when Harold's long-deceased mother comes back to haunt them. He finds he has her gift for opening the door to the past-and if there was ever a gift he wanted to return, it's this one! Audrey is similarly terrified-how is she to safeguard her secret now? If she can't control this world, how is she to control the next one? And how will she protect her good china? Harold, who has made a practice of avoiding things all his life, must confront two problems-how to find meaning in this life, and how to come to grips with the mostly terrifying idea that life just might go on forever!