Whisper Beach

Whisper Beach Author Shelley Noble
ISBN-10 9780062319180
Release 2015-06-16
Pages 416
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From the New York Times bestselling author of Beach Colors and Breakwater Bay comes this unforgettable story— reminiscent of Kristin Hannah’s beloved novels—of friends, loyalty, and love as three women, who are reunited in the idyllic beach town where they grew up, are forced to re-evaluate their bonds. Fifteen years ago, seventeen-year-old Vanessa Moran fell in love and lost her virginity but not to the same boy. Pregnant, desperate, and humiliated, she fled friends and family and Whisper Beach, New Jersey, never breathing a word about her secret to anyone. She hasn’t been back since. Now a professional Manhattan organizer, she returns to the funeral of her best friend’s husband. She intends on just paying her respects and leaving—though she can’t deny she also wants the town to see how far she’s come as a successful business woman. But her plans to make this a short visit fall by the wayside when her girlfriends have other ideas. Dorie, the owner of the pier’s Blue Crab Restaurant where Van and her friends worked as teenagers, needs help. Dorie’s roving husband spends every penny they make and now their restaurant is failing. Joe, the boy Van left behind without an explanation, has never stopped loving her. While he’s wary of getting hurt again, he also can’t help wondering what would happen if they took up where they left off. As the summer progresses and the restaurant takes on a new look, trouble comes from unexpected sources. For Van, this summer will test the meaning of friendship and trust—and how far love can bend before it breaks.

Christmas at Whisper Beach

Christmas at Whisper Beach Author Shelley Noble
ISBN-10 9780062685698
Release 2017-10-17
Pages 128
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The holidays always seem brighter at Whisper Beach Van Moran is ready for happily ever after, even if she’s not quite convinced she can get it. After finally opening a second branch of her company in Whisper Beach, she’s enjoying her new romance with Joe Enthorpe, the local vineyard owner. She may never have a traditional family, but she won’t let that stop her from having a joyful Christmas. Joe is ready to spend a very merry Christmas with Van and his always rambunctious family. But when the mother of a local boy becomes tragically ill, Joe invites him and his sisters to stay at the vineyard. Everything soon begins to unravel as Joe fears the complications will drive Van away and he’s desperate to keep their relationship from crumbling. But with every Christmas comes a miracle and soon, Van and Joe learn that it isn’t always about the family you make, but the one that lives in your heart.

Riley Die Geisterj gerin

Riley   Die Geisterj  gerin Author Alyson Noël
ISBN-10 9783641068349
Release 2012-01-23
Pages 224
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Wird Riley ihre Schwester Ever jemals wiedersehen? Riley Bloom hat sich im Jenseits inzwischen einigermaßen eingelebt. Aber den Kontakt zu Ever vermisst sie immer noch sehr. Ihre geliebte Schwester muss auf der Erde als Unsterbliche ihre eigenen Probleme lösen. Als Riley erfährt, dass es einen Ort gibt, an dem man Träume erzeugen und an Menschen auf der Erde schicken kann, macht sie sich gleich auf den Weg. Ein Traum ist die einzige Möglichkeit, Ever eine Botschaft zu schicken und ihr zu zeigen, dass es ihr gut geht. Doch als sie am Ort der Träume ankommt, hat sich dort bereits ein Geisterjunge niedergelassen, der seit einiger Zeit Albträume auf die Erde schickt. Riley weiß, er ist gefährlich, und es erfordert all ihren Mut, sich ihm in den Weg zu stellen ...

Es f hrt kein Weg zur ck

Es f  hrt kein Weg zur  ck Author Thomas Wolfe
ISBN-10 3499135957
Release 1995
Pages 636
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Es f hrt kein Weg zur ck has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Es f hrt kein Weg zur ck also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Es f hrt kein Weg zur ck book for free.


English Author Kath Jordan
ISBN-10 1843150255
Release 2002
Pages 160
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This revision guide for Key Stage 3 English contains in-depth course coverage and advice on how to get the best results in the Year 9 National Test. It has progress check questions and exam practice questions.

Whisper of Life

Whisper of Life Author Cesar Gealogo
ISBN-10 9781452021249
Release 2010
Pages 112
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This book invites you to experience the unique level of thrill and excitement in sailing the raging sea, and in discovering the exotic beauty of nature. Be with the book in every single moment in reflecting on the lives of the people, and stay by its side and embrace its soul in a search for peaceful life. Each word, threaded and woven, was an emotional admixture of love and fervor. Let us overflow our heart, mind, and spirit with new experiences as our voice echoes in the four corners of our home.

The Whisper of a Wing

The Whisper of a Wing Author Teresa Masterson
ISBN-10 9781504301800
Release 2016-04-11
Pages 76
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In the lead-up to Jackie’s fi nal breaths, her sister Isabella promises to carry her with her every day thereafter. Isabella, however, gets swallowed up in grief, and she walks away from her career and marriage. Her despair is exacerbated by the many struggles she faces as a result of having been molested as a child. Jackie leaves a trail of clear and unmistakable signs for Isabella, and they become a treasure trove of peaceful guidance and loving affi rmation. Isabella begins to slowly return to the fabric of life. In the process, she learns a valuable lesson: Forgiveness does not mean that words or behavior are excused. It is a gift for the one making peace that frees their heart, allowing for moving forward. It is a gift that one gives oneself. Isabella pushes on knowing that her sister will always be by her side, learning profound lessons about life, love, and forgiveness in The Whisper of a Wing.

A Gilded Grave

A Gilded Grave Author Shelley Freydont
ISBN-10 9780698165687
Release 2015-08-04
Pages 416
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First in a new series from the author of the Celebration Bay mysteries In 1895, the height of the Gilded Age, the social elite spend their summers in Newport, Rhode Island. Within the walls of their fabulous “cottages,” competition for superiority is ruthless … and so are the players. During her first Newport season, Deanna Randolph attends a ball given in honor of Lord David Manchester, a Barbadian sugar magnate, and his sister, Madeline. The Manchesters are an immediate success—along with their exotic manservant and his fortune-telling talents. But on the nearby cliffs, a young maid lies dead—and suspicion falls on Joseph Ballard, a member of one of the town’s most prestigious families. Joe humiliated Deanna when he rebuffed an engagement to her, but while he may be a cad, she knows he isn’t a killer. Now the reluctant allies must navigate a world of parties, tennis matches, and séances to find the real murderer. But a misstep among the glittering upper classes could leave them exposed to something far more dangerous than malicious gossip… From the Trade Paperback edition.

Death s Golden Whisper

Death s Golden Whisper Author R.J. Harlick
ISBN-10 9781459712041
Release 2004-11-01
Pages 344
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Meg Harris believes are fishermen to the isolated northern lake she lives on. Within hours, she discovers that these men have come to develop a gold mine. She combines forces with Eric Odjik, chief of the neighbouring Migiskan reserve, to fight the mining company.

Whisper to Me

Whisper to Me Author Nick Lake
ISBN-10 9781408853856
Release 2016-05-05
Pages 400
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'I love you. I'm sorry for what I did to you. I'm going to write it all down, explain everything that happened, why I broke your heart, and then I'm going to email it to you. I will be waiting for you at 5 p.m. Friday by the windmill hole at the crazy golf at the Pier where we played once. If you still want me then, when you're done reading this, come and get me. OK? Consider this the most screwed up love letter ever.' So begins Nick Lake's brilliant tour de force romance which introduces readers to Cassie, a New Jersey Shore teen who, over the course of one summer, experiences the exhilarating highs of new love, the frightening free falls of personal demons and family tragedy, and the bumps along the way to forgiveness, acceptance, and self-discovery. Told entirely through flashbacks, readers will savour every moment of Cassie's relationship with a boardwalk boy and race to the last page to discover how it all ends.

A Whisper from Within

A Whisper from Within Author Theresa Gattuso O'Connor
ISBN-10 9781512704860
Release 2015-09-17
Pages 194
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Theresa’s aspirations are captivating, emotionally riveting, and show so much incredible entwined energy of love, motivation, determination, and perseverance by never giving up! Her book gives you the overall awareness of strength of believing, having faith within yourself, and being proud. Her story began when she was a young child that thought she had lost her life and would never reach her dreams and goals because of a brain aneurysm that left her disabled. As a young woman, it was hard dealing with her situation. When she accepted her overall condition, it gave her the crystal clear picture to move forward, make the best of what she had, and recapture her inner spirit and strength to shine as a bright and shining star! Through faith, Theresa proves that her disability and her trials in life won’t defeat her, and that the word impossible is possible!

A Whisper Beneath the Waves

A Whisper Beneath the Waves Author F.S. Wood
ISBN-10 9780986930201
Release 2011-04-11
Pages 211
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Plucked from the wintry solitude of small market radio, the young and dashing Michael Cruise cannot believe his good fortune, being chosen as the broadcasting voice for the new N.A.M.E (North American Motor Enterprise) car company. However, very soon he finds both love and mystery awaiting him at his new position. In short order, Michael meets and falls for the beautiful and self-possessed Sasha Holland, a public relations officer for N.A.M.E. Although brimming, their romance is thwarted by an undercurrent of company deception. The suave Philip Comstock and the sinister Dr. Natalie Burrows are the principle antagonists in this winding tale of love, cunning, persistence and manipulation. As Michael and Sasha’s relationship blossoms, they discover the terrifying secret that is spreading like a virus all across the country to unsuspecting radio listeners. The slogan, “What’s in a NAME?” carries sinister irony as Michael and Sasha realize how vast the corporation’s influence, and just how far the company will go to try and stop them from exposing the whisper beneath the waves.

Hollywood Whisper

Hollywood Whisper Author Nick Living
ISBN-10 9783735708809
Release 2014-05-21
Pages 700
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Man erzählt sich Geschichten in Hollywood, Gruselgeschichten. Dunkle Ahnungen und düstere Gefühle beherrschen die Szenerie. Die Leute erzählen sich die trübsten Storys und wissen doch nicht, ob sie wahr sind oder nicht. Manche wollen es sogar selbst erlebt haben, das Grauen. Immer wieder kursieren diese Geschichten und irgendwann schrieb sie jemand auf. Lesen Sie diese Storys und spüren Sie das, was man in Hollywood fühlt, wenn man in stillen Stunden über solcherlei Dinge flüstert. Dinge und Menschen verschwinden, tauchen wieder auf, sonderbare Gestalten ziehen durch die dunkle Nacht, Nebel wabern über regennasse Straßen und seichte Wege werden zu unüberwindlichen Barrieren. Unerwartete Dinge geschehen und niemand kann es sich erklären. Nehmen Sie Anteil an all diesen finsteren Geschichten und dichten Sie sich ihre eigene Meinung hinzu. Denn – nichts ist unmöglich und der kalte Hauch des Teufels zieht soweit Sie es zulassen. Es sind die alten Sagen und Märchen, die unerklärlichen Phänomene und die Dinge, die wir alle gern unter den Teppich kehren, weil wir uns davor fürchten. Lassen Sie die Blitze des Gewitters zucken und kommen Sie einfach mit auf eine Reise ins Ungewisse – und erzählen Sie sie mit, die unfassbaren Storys, die man sich in Hollywood heimlich erzählt ...

Die Sommerfrauen

Die Sommerfrauen Author Mary Kay Andrews
ISBN-10 9783104014340
Release 2012-07-25
Pages 528
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»Dieser Roman ist wie der schönste Tag am Strand – er soll nie zu Ende gehen!« Susan Elizabeth Phillips Ellis, Dorie und Julia sind grundverschieden und beste Freundinnen, seit sie denken können. Jetzt haben sie endlich einmal den ganzen Sommer Zeit füreinander: vier Wochen lang, in einem Ferienhaus direkt am Meer mit Sonne satt – ein Urlaub zum Träumen. Doch alle drei haben ihre Geheimnisse: Ellis hat ihren Job verloren, Dorie hat ihren Mann verlassen und Julia hat Angst, ihrer großen Liebe das Ja-Wort zu geben. Ty Bazemore wohnt nebenan, außerdem gehört ihm das schöne Ferienhaus – doch das verrät er den Frauen nicht. Als er Ellis trifft, fühlt Ty sich sofort zu ihr hingezogen. Gibt er seinen Gefühlen nach, auch wenn er damit alles auf’s Spiel setzt? Und dann ist da noch Madison, eine Frau auf der Flucht vor ihrem alten Leben: Alles was sie jetzt braucht sind ein gutes Versteck, eine neue Identität und möglichst keine Fragen. Können ihr die drei Freundinnen helfen? Vier Wochen im Sommer, drei Freundinnen und ein Traumhaus am Strand: die perfekte Sommerlektüre – Meeresrauschen inklusive!

Whisper of the Ocean

Whisper of the Ocean Author Nita Fox
ISBN-10 9781477282021
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 436
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Alone on the beach, Emma heard a voice summoning her and she followed the call as a massive storm quickly blew in. Celia, sensing Emma's danger, rushed into the storm to rescue her best friend. Both girls disappeared from the shores of Wister Island. Detective James Maples, accompanied by his son Alex, had been called in from the mainland to aid in the investigation. James soon discovers that he is searching for more than just two missing girls. Alex begins to realize what he and his father have come up against, but will Alex's secrets and a "condition" that has always been viewed as a disability be enough to go up against the greatest evil he has ever known? Alex must discover his own true strength in order to save the island from a darkness that threatens the very lives of the ones he has grown to love. Are the powers of the mind truly greater than any other powers combined?

The Power of a Whisper

The Power of a Whisper Author Bill Hybels
ISBN-10 9780310591962
Release 2010-08-10
Pages 272
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“Without a hint of exaggeration,” says Bill Hybels, “the ability to discern divine direction has saved me from a life of sure boredom and self-destruction. God’s well-timed words have redirected my path, rescued me from temptation and re-energized me during some of my deepest moments of despair.” In The Power of a Whisper, vision is cast for what life can look like when God’s followers choose to hear from heaven as they navigate life on earth. Whispers that arbitrate key decisions, nudges that rescue from dark nights of the soul, promptings that spur on growth, urgings that come by way of another person, inspiration that opens once-glazed-over eyes to the terrible plight people face in this world—through firsthand accounts spanning fifty-seven years of life, more than thirty of which have been spent in the trenches of ministry, Hybels promotes passion in Christ-followers' hearts for being wide open to hearing from God, and for getting gutsier about doing exactly what he says to do. For more information go to: www.thewhisperwall.com.

Whisper From The Alamo

Whisper From The Alamo Author Wedlake-Buck
ISBN-10 9781365937071
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Whisper From The Alamo has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Whisper From The Alamo also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Whisper From The Alamo book for free.