Wild Awakening

Wild Awakening Author Rinpoche Dzogchen Ponlop
ISBN-10 9781590300961
Release 2003
Pages 300
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Mahamudra and Dzogchen are perhaps the most profound teachings within all of Tibetan Buddhism. The experience of Mahamudra, or "great symbol," is an overwhelming sense of extraordinary clarity, totally open and nondualistic. Dzogchen, or "great perfection," is the ultimate teaching according to the Nyingma tradition and also represents the pinnacle of spiritual development. These are the two paths that provide practitioners with the most skillful means to experience the fully awakened state and directly taste the reality of our mind and environment. And yet these concepts are notoriously difficult to grasp and challenging to explain. In Wild Awakening, Tibetan Buddhist master Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche presents these esoteric teachings in a style that reveals their surprising simplicity and great practical value, emphasizing that we can all experience our world more directly, with responsibility, freedom, and confidence. With a straightforward approach and informal style, he presents these essential teachings in a way that even those very new to Tibetan Buddhism can understand.

Thought to Exist in the Wild

Thought to Exist in the Wild Author Derrick Jensen
ISBN-10 0972838716
Release 2007
Pages 152
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Provides a history of zoos, examines the faults of zoos, and argues for their dissolution.

Wild Awakening

Wild Awakening Author Mary Daniels
ISBN-10 9781781806067
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 240
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When faced with your darkest moment, only two things can save you: the choice you make or a divine intervention. Standing on Tower Bridge, holding her baby and feeling ready to jump was Mary Daniels' darkest moment. No longer able to endure the unbearable pain from the past and the immense challenges of the present, Mary could see only one way out. This book tells her story - the courageous journey she'd been on until that defining moment and, more importantly, the story of what happened next. An inspiring speaker, a powerful storyteller and an original 'wild woman', Mary reveals the extraordinary transformations she never saw coming and the 9 simple yet powerful questions that saved her life. She explains how these questions continue to provide awakenings and lessons, and how, by answering them, you too can reveal inner courage, discover your true voice and find freedom from long-term fears and blocks in all areas of your life. And all it takes is 9 minutes a day. Providing a daily practice for lasting change, Wild Awakening is for anyone who wants more faith, inspiration, clarity and direction in their life. This book may just be the lifeline you're searching for...

The historical novels of L M hlbach pseud

The historical novels of L  M  hlbach  pseud Author Müller Mundt
ISBN-10 UCR:31210012436430
Release 1867
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The historical novels of L M hlbach pseud has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The historical novels of L M hlbach pseud also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The historical novels of L M hlbach pseud book for free.

The Ethics of Captivity

The Ethics of Captivity Author Lori Gruen
ISBN-10 9780199978021
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 304
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In the United States roughly 2 million people are incarcerated; billions of animals are held captive (and then killed) in the food industry every year; hundreds of thousands of animals are kept in laboratories; thousands are in zoos and aquaria; millions of "pets" are captive in our homes. Surprisingly, despite the rich ethical questions it raises, very little philosophical attention has been paid to questions raised by captivity. Though conditions of captivity vary widely for humans and for other animals, there are common ethical themes that imprisonment raises, including the value of liberty, the nature of autonomy, the meaning of dignity, and the impact of routine confinement on physical and psychological well-being. This volume brings together scholars, scientists, and sanctuary workers to address in fifteen new essays the ethical issues captivity raises. Section One contains chapters written by those with expert knowledge about particular conditions of captivity and includes discussion of how captivity is experienced by dogs, whales and dolphins, elephants, chimpanzees, rabbits, formerly farmed animals, and human prisoners. Section Two contains chapters by philosophers and social theorists that reflect on the social, political, and ethical issues raised by captivity, including discussions about confinement, domestication, captive breeding for conservation, the work of moral repair, dignity and an ethics of sight, and the role that coercion plays.

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening Author Mark Elsen
ISBN-10 9781477227848
Release 2012-06-27
Pages 148
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These writings are lessons that I've learned in life. Things that I've struggled with and things that I felt that I need to say. So you might know me a little better today. Some of it was my creative imagination being direct and positive at the same time is a good way to express yourself on a piece of paper. I hope you have enjoyed what you've read. I like everyone who takes the time to read one or two of these pages. If you like the whole thing more power to you. I love you all, you’re all my friends and I support you one hundred percent.

Das Erwachen

Das Erwachen Author Kate Chopin
ISBN-10 3942374005
Release 2010
Pages 211
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Das Erwachen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das Erwachen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das Erwachen book for free.


Mahamudra Author Dakpo Tashi Namgyal
ISBN-10 9780861712991
Release 2006-06-05
Pages 480
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When "Mahamudra" first appeared in 1986, it was a landmark in the history of Buddhist publishing in English. It was translated at the behest of the 16th Karmapa, who was asked what text would be most beneficial to Western practitioners. Collecting all of Mahamudra's key texts in one volume, the book is a staple for practitioners of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, who appreciate its detailed theoretical and practical explanations. This stunning new edition, printed on fine paper, is as inspiring to behold as it is to read.

Wild Chance

Wild Chance Author Ron Gamer
ISBN-10 9781591933359
Release 2013-05-17
Pages 220
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Travis and Seth are looking forward to a few days of camping in Canada's wild lake country. But when their pilot taxies to the dock, they discover that he's brought along his niece, Jessie. On their way to drop Jessie off at a resort, the pilot is forced to make an emergency landing. The teens and their pilot find themselves facing the enormous challenge of making their way back to civilization. But before they hit the whitewater, they'll have to learn to pull together if all four are to survive. Readers of all ages will love this novel, part of Ron Gamer's outdoor adventure series.

Woman Spirit Awakening in Nature

Woman Spirit Awakening in Nature Author Nancy Barrett Chickerneo
ISBN-10 9781594732508
Release 2008
Pages 183
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Developed out of the author's 20-year experience of leading women's retreats, this ecospirituality program invites women to go out into nature and look for the metaphors that have meaning for them, as they journey on the path to discover the authentic, spiritual self.

Burning Wild

Burning Wild Author Christine Feehan
ISBN-10 9781101046548
Release 2009-04-28
Pages 480
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The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Carpathian novels now returns to the exotic, sensual and dangerous world of her bestseller Wild Rain. This time, what goes on between male and female is wilder than animal instinct-and twice as hot.

Awakening female power

Awakening female power Author Karen LaPuma
ISBN-10 1878203029
Release 1991-05-01
Pages 225
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Awakening female power has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Awakening female power also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Awakening female power book for free.

Ruf der Wildnis

Ruf der Wildnis Author Jack London
ISBN-10 9783961640560
Release 2017-01-20
Pages 116
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Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts lebt der Hund Buck im Süden der U S A. Eines Tages wird er von dem Gärtner seines Besitzers aufgrund von Spielschulden entführt und als Schlittenhund nach Alaska verschleppt. Im Verlauf der Geschichte erreicht ihn mehr und mehr der Ruf der Wildnis. Nach vielen Abenteuern mit ständig wechselnden Schlittenführern wird Buck von John Thornton gerettet. Die beiden werden ein unzertrennliches Paar. Nach dem Tod seines letzten Herrchens folgt der Hund, der nun ohne Bindung zu den Menschen ist, diesem Ruf endgültig und schließt sich einem Wolfsrudel an.

Der gro e Trip

Der gro  e Trip Author Cheryl Strayed
ISBN-10 9783641046026
Release 2013-02-25
Pages 448
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EAT, PRAY, LOVE meets Hape Kerkeling Gerade 26 geworden, hat Cheryl Strayed das Gefühl, alles verloren zu haben. Drogen und Männer trösten sie über den Tod ihrer Mutter und das Scheitern ihrer Ehe hinweg. Als ihr ein Outdoor-Führer über den Pacific Crest Trail in die Hände fällt, trifft sie die folgenreichste Entscheidung ihres Lebens: mehr als tausend Meilen zu wandern. Die berührende Geschichte einer Selbstfindung – voller Witz, Weisheit und Intensität, mit einer respektlosen Heldin, die man lieben muss.


Magnificence Author Rolando A. Carbonell
ISBN-10 UOM:39015061500776
Release 2002
Pages 124
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Magnificence has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Magnificence also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Magnificence book for free.

Henry James Oscar Wilde and Aesthetic Culture

Henry James  Oscar Wilde and Aesthetic Culture Author Michele Mendelssohn
ISBN-10 9780748630219
Release 2007-06-20
Pages 328
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This book, the first fully sustained reading of Henry James's and Oscar Wilde's relationship, reveals why the antagonisms between both authors are symptomatic of the cultural oppositions within Aestheticism itself. The book also shows how these conflicting energies animated the late nineteenth century's most exciting transatlantic cultural enterprise. Richly illustrated and historically detailed, this study of James's and Wilde's intricate, decades-long relationship brings to light Aestheticism's truly transatlantic nature through close readings of both authors' works, as well as nineteenth-century art, periodicals and rare manuscripts. As Mendelssohn shows, both authors were deeply influenced by the visual and decorative arts, and by contemporary artists such as George Du Maurier and James McNeill Whistler. Henry James, Oscar Wilde and Aesthetic Culture offers a nuanced reading of a complex relationship that promises to transform the way in which we imagine late nineteenth-century British and American literary culture.

Finding Your Way In A Wild New World

Finding Your Way In A Wild New World Author Martha Beck
ISBN-10 9780748127979
Release 2012-01-19
Pages 272
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Many people wonder how they got where they are and what they should do now. They feel called to help others and change the world but they just don't know how. Too often, they end up stuck in careers and relationships that don't fit. Now, in Finding Your Way In A Wild New World, popular life coach Martha Beck shows readers how to find their true selves and extend healing to everyone and everything around them. She identifies this growing body of people as wayfinders. Drawing on her coaching expertise and her extraordinary experiences in the South African bush, Martha leads her readers through four magical and practical steps to awaken them to a new way of living in the 21st century.